• Clem and Bonnie are smiling at each other, suggesting clem is manipulating her or they are truly becoming friends. I think the ice pick behind them is just a re-used thing(if its molly's you think she'd have it on her)

    As fun as it seems, I don't think Clem is manipulative. So I'd rather think that Bonnie is not actually evil but just a person trying to survive.

    They camp seems to be a shopping mall, Lots of walkers are approaching. I think they likely wont be a problem, The camp looks like it has good defences.

    Nah, if this was the "storm" that Carver was talking about then I won't be worried that much. It's funny how Kenny also says "a storm is headed this way" similar to Carver in S1 XD

    We only see troy and Bonnie as carvers forces (I assume there's others though)

    This is obviously used to avoid spoiling the episode, but I'm thinking the characters from 400 Days are the part of Carver's "forces".

  • ya I don't think bonnie is evil. she is one of two things I think. 1. she could be a spy for tavia's group. or 2. she might not know/think carver is evil after all he could of told them that they kidnapped Rebecca or something ethier way I think he's malipulating her.

    I agree with Gengar its most likely to avoid spoilers it could be the people from 400 days.

    don't think sarita will be dead yet or Kenny would be way more depressed I think.

    I'm thinking there will be an option where clem pretends to be getting along with carver to gain trust.

  • Nate is the storm.

    • omg I totally forgot about nate lol. I hope he is in season 2 somewhere he's to awesome to be left out. that be cool if he like just crashed his truck through the gates and destroyed carvers group

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    I did a playthrough where i let Nick and Alvin die and i noticed that the time of day changes when carver is talking to the group

    If Nick lives you see him standing with the group and it appears to be the middle of the day

    Alt text

    But if Nick dies Rebecca is in his place and it appears to be some time around sunset

    Alt text

    I know it will be different in the final game but i wonder what the time change means.

  • If the storm means anything, I'd guess he was referring to another group or inevitable infighting. Can't imagine what other altercations he'd be predicting.

    Kenny either is angry with Clem for giving up or argues that they did the right thing

    I gave up to help Carlos... I can already taste the new wave of Kenny disapproval.

  • Kenny gets pistol whipped by carver, he's clearly not playing ball with carver.

    Yeah, I expected that. Kenny's just not the guy to sit back and take orders, if he doesn't like something then he's going to speak up and say it. I doubt he'll adjust well to the camp, there's probably going to be even more tension between those two than what's shown in the trailer.

    Clem and Bonnie are smiling at each other, suggesting Clem is manipulating her or they are truly becoming friends.

    Eh.. maybe. I don't think Clem is that devious. Bonnie might genuinely turn out to be nice, who knows. Maybe we'll have the choice to either be rude towards her or friendly.

    I think the storm might be either a horde of walkers or a blizzard/actual storm. Both are equally bad since it means that the cabin group won't be able to escape, even if they could, due to outside conditions. So Clementine and co. might be forced to stay.

  • Alt text

    Looks like place they are in has an armory

  • Alt text

    Carver has an unused line..."like none we've seen before". Is he talking about the "storm" ?

  • you can see that kenny has a blue eye in the scene that they walk to the camp, so i wonder what caused that

  • I want Vince to come back and be a main with helping/guiding Clem.

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