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Do any of you think Carver will be a better villain then Negan?

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I think he will be, I think Carver is smarter, Cooler & Possible stronger then Negan.

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I do like Negan, I think he's funny & all but I don't think he's as interesting as Carver.

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Who do all of you like better?

  • Both are better so far and more human.than the Gov (comic) and more well... like a villan than the sappy TV show Gov

    However I feel Carver feels like more of a real villan. Negan is a good comic book villan in a sense his personality is way over the top he's like a more crazy Nate.

  • woah there be careful with that talk I think carver will be an awesome villain maybe even better than the governor but hes got a ways to go before he reaches negan levels of awesomeness and brutality

  • I think he will be a greater villain but In a different way.

  • I guess that Carver is smarter,but i just think Negan might be better because when he attacked Rick he had like,what,50 men or something like that,while Craver has 4.4!

    • you know your badass whenever you don't even have a full person only .4 of one lol

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      To be fair, We haven't seen Carver's base yet, So we wouldn't know how meany men he has & if Tavia's camp is indeed Carver's, I would say that they have been recruiting people like the 400 Days cast for a long while, So if that's the case, Carver should have a lot of men, Not to mention Carver's men have guns, Negan's men don't have that meany by the look of it & I think they even bring it up in the Comics.

  • We still don't know enough about Carver, but if he can match Lucille in some way then he'll be the clear victor.

  • I dont know about him being better villain... preview of episode 3 was actually quite confusing to me especially because I was feeling quite angry with Carver due to how episode 2 is ending, and when I saw Bonnie smiling with Clem, Carver watching horde of walkers with Clem, ... it's just confusing.

  • I like Carver so far but Negan is just hilarious. And why do people dislike the shows gov? I think he was better than the comic one, since he was just evil for the sake of being evil. Actually the way i see it is:
    The Comic Gov is Brian Blake, who, after his brothers death(Phillip Blake), took his name and became the Governor. He kept his zombie niece in a room and he did some pretty nasty things(necropedoincest?) to her.
    The TV Gov is named Phillip Blake, later on he took the name Brian because he saw it on a wall. We all know the TV show is something like an alternate universe to the comic so we could say that this governor is a "What if" story. What i mean by that is that this is Phillip Blake from the comic, who we only have heard by name, and his brother(the comic gov) died instead.Penny is his daughter in the show too. Still, its never mentioned that the tv gov has a brother, but if he did, he'd be the comic governor. So basically both of them are brothers and one is in the comic, the other in the show.

    P.S Negan>Tv Gov>Comic Gov. Too early for Carver

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