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Babies in TWD

posted by Keep_dat_hair_short on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I bet I'm not the first one to come up with this thought but I was always wondring this...
So there are 3 different scenarios that involve babies in TWD "world"

Please be aware that thoughts like this are NOT on pretty side of your imagination probably.

a) What would happen if pregnant woman gets shot IN THE HEAD, she dies, but what about that baby in her? It should die soon afterwards and then turn into walker or not?

b) Pregnant woman gets shot in the body, dies and turn into walker, what about baby in her?

c) Pregnant woman gives birth to a dead baby (one knows there are hell of things in such world that could increase risks for childbirths), does it turn into walker after some time?

I guess it also depends on how far in pregnancy the woman is... few weeks compare to 8-9 months...

So what do you guys think?

PS: I guess these situations applies even if instead of shots we talk about being bitten...?

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