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Am I the only one who thinks it's a really bad idea to put Clem in the Comics?

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I've been hearing rumors that Clem might end up in the Comics after Season Two is finished & I don't like this at all for numerous reasons, If Clem ends up in the Comics, It won't be our Clem, She would be a shell of her former self if this happens & Kirkman would most likely kill her off for shock value too.

I really do think this a terrible idea, What do all of you think of this?

  • agree,terrible idea,all 3 WD universes should be kept seperate.

  • I agree with ya, besides as an ironic fact, Telltale makes a better story than Kirkman for TWD. The comics focuses more on brutality than anything and there are barely any likable characters in my opinion. Telltale focuses humanity and made many of the characters likable. Clem wont be Clem if she was in Kirkman's comic.

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      Exactly my point, I think the only likable characters in the Comics is Glenn but we know what happened to him, Paul Monroe is pretty badass & I like Father Gabriel, He is interesting, Negan is pretty funny, This is all the characters I really even like in the Comics & that is not meany(Because the ones I did like have been killed off), There is no way Kirkman can write for Clem if he can't even make half of the people in the Comics likable.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I would only like her in the comics if they where written by Telltale and with no involvement from Kirkman, They could make comics showing what happened to Clementine and Christa in the 16 months that we didn't see.

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      Even if Telltale was the ones writing the Comics, It would still lack the choice system that makes Clem our Clem.

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        OzzyUK Moderator

        Yes that is the only problem, i would put more trust in Telltales writing than Kirkmans as they can see from their stats how we play so they could make a comic Clem appeal to most of the fanbase.

        Also they couldn't do too many major stories as it could cause confusion with the main timeline, maybe mini comics would be better where we see them get their new clothes or some encounters with other survivors so we could see how they found out about Wellington.

      • I would actually like to have Telltale make their own comic series of TWD, perhaps about Clem and Christa in the 16 month gap.

  • I hope to God it doesn't happen. If they put Clem in the comics then I will hate Telltale and Kirkman for that.

  • If she goes in the comcis, kirkman will be ecstatic at another charcater to brutally kill

  • From what I know of Kirkman, Clem showing up would just mean a countdown until he has her killed in some horrific way for the sake of a big shock.

    So no, this would not be a good idea.

  • I agree, she should stay in the game and go nowhere else.

  • it won't happen cause then if telltale continue making the walking dead they can't put clem in it obviously and people will be pissed and most likely not buy the 3rd season (if there is one) plus I don't think it would make sense if we make it to Wellington at the end of season 2 since the comics are currently in Washington and are most likely still gonna be there when season 2 is over and if they are not in Washington at that time it would still take a long time for clem and the comic group to meet up since Wellington and Washington are not exactly close to each other (I think?) but still I hope they just leave her in the game

  • Oh god no!!!! Kirkman ran out of good stroy ideas after the prison all he has left is brutality, shock, and gore. I am sort of a half in half out comic fan, I keep up but dont get them as they drop, but if Clem ends up in the comics, I'm completely out. There is no way I want to see what Kirkman would do poor Clem.

  • Where have you found these rumors?

    I really doubt that Telltale would give away their most succesfull character...

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      I only heard rumors over the internet, I never said I found them, That's not the point anyway, I made this because I want Telltale to know it's a really bad idea, For now it's just rumors but they can still come true & yes it would be really stupid of Telltale to give up their most succesfull character.

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