• I'm used to it after season 1. Oddly I think next episode as I went to find him Kenny might actually not hate me this time which will be a weird experience.

  • I'm pretty sure that Kenny will not give Clementine a hard time if she doesn't side with him consistently, he has to know that he's not dealing with an adult this time around but a child. He'll be disappointed, but he'll be more forgiving this time around, I hope.

    If he does start treating Clementine the same way he did with Lee if he didn't always side with him, I'll be very disappointed in him.

    • I chose to stay behind and help Carlos, now in the Episode 3 trailer he's already in one of his famous "disagree with me- fuck you" moods...

    • What if Clementine not siding with him in situations are even more disappointing to him than when Lee didn't? Think about it, to him, at least from what I think, she's kind of a substitute Duck. To him it's like he got his family back, what happens when she or ''his family'' won't side with him? He'll be heart broken and or/ angry. But you never know, I could be very wrong. Only time will tell I guess. * shrug *

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