Save File Glitch?

Hey everyone. I have played both seasons and 400 days so far. I've downloaded season 2 and the season 1 DLC, but I have been playing season 1 on a disc. I never had any problems before and played through the game several times. Several months ago, I played through the first season in preparation for season 2 and got an error while running through the last episode. Something about losing my storage device. I thought my save was corrupted or something. I was able to keep going by copying and deleting different save files and completed the game. Just started playing the first season again a couple days ago and now I am stuck in episode 1 at the motel. Nothing is working that did before and now my game is completely unplayable. Is the only way around this problem to buy a digital copy of season 1? Will this problem still exist if I buy another digital copy?

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