Your feelings about Carlos

Hello guys.

What do You think about Carlos?
In my opinion he is a very good father, and he cares more about anothers than himself.

When Carver was breaking his fingers, the only thing Carlos tried to do was to stop her dauther looking at him - "Sarah, don't look!" "Everything gonna be ok". He tries to cheer the group, and ensure them that everything will be fine.

In the first episode I thought that he would be a faggot and didn't like him, but now I think he's the most friendly character from the 'cabin group'.

IMHO he should be the leader of the group, but he don't wan't to, because all he tries to do is to protect his daughter, and he doesn't have time to protect all the group.

What do you think about him? Would he survive the whole season or not? Share!


  • I like him. I hope he makes it.

  • Obviously, Carver knows Carlos very well. I have a feeling that Carlos will live through season two or at least till episode 5.

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    That face, she gives Rebecca is the best! Holy shit!!

  • He's a good guy ! He saved Clem's life and took a hell of a beating and still didn't say where the rest of the group was, He may not be the most pleasant guy to be around but he cares about his people.

  • Whether it was intentional or not TT did a good job making us think he's an idiot. But I respect him for all that he did in ep. 2. If he wasn't so worried about his daughter "ceasing to function" I think he'd kick a little more ass.

  • Well it looks like Carver clearly hates him and Alvin the most out of everyone else from the cabin group, because of something they did or said before. I'm afraid Carlos will die in ep.4.

  • I think Carlos was the victim of a writing fumble in Episode 1. They didn't intend for him to be extremely unlikeable, but that's how he came across. The whole locking-Clem-in-a-shed-to-die thing was a big turn off. His later outright scolding Clem for 'manipulating' his daughter, without the slightest hint of an apology or sense of shame for doubting her about the dog bite and locking her in a shed, only clenched it.

    So they made extra efforts to make Carlos more sympathetic this episode. Same with Rebecca. In both cases, it feels a bit bizarre that they had a turn-around so quickly, but they've certainly become somewhat less reprehensible characters.

  • I think Carlos is a good guy. I think he'll die, but then again, I think everyone is going to die. I think he'll die in episode 4-5. I hope he gets more attention. A lot of it falls on Luke and Nick.

  • Carlos is a mixed character. He seems to be an intelligent, pragmatic man...but also painfully oblivious to the fact that his daughter needs to be prepared for the horrors of the apocalypse...though Lee was like this until he began teaching Clementine how to defend herself.

    He also appears the most antagonistic towards Carver...which stands to reason that while the two of them are pragmatists, Carver is willing to go to extremes to ensure his leadership, while Carlos cares more about people in general.

    His treatment of Clementine in the first episode, I feel, is more attributed to how the group must have lived when living in Carver's group...which looks to have been a dictatorship, carrying out brutal actions. I think when Clementine showed the group how untrustworthy they were, they started to realize they were behaving like sinister people, and not good ones.

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    In the first episode, I was respectful to him and if he didn't want me to be around Sarah I wouldn't. He accepted my apology and I like him. In the second Episode I really liked him. When Luke was going to take Clem with him on the bridge, Carlos was protective of her. I decided to stay silent and let the adults Handel the conversation. I am glad he trusted me to watch Sarah. I would never let him die so I surrendered. I know that he will probably die next episode so Sarah can grow into a hardened survivors and have Clem as her mentor but I will be sad when it happens.

  • I think he's a well-meaning person, but that means very little. Ben was well-meaning too.

    I don't like Carlos much. I don't outright hate him, mind you. He's just making too many mistakes all for the sake of protecting his daughter. The whole deal with her "ceasing to function" is a big red flag for me. Sure, Sarah is childish and prone to panic, but she has never shut down, no matter how messy things got. She managed to evade Carver... I guess. Maybe he knew she was under the bed, and just didn't care. Maybe he didn't know. Then, she managed to react normally in the hostage situation. Panic, yes, but she did not "cease to function" as Carlos claims. I sincerely think Carlos is harming his daughter by trying to shield her from everything.

    Then, there's his unwillingness to explain to Clem what it is that's going on. By withholding information, he's making it impossible for Clem to make a meaningful decision to stay with the group, and now look where she is; hands tied, being taken at gunpoint to some place she knows nothing about by people she doesn't know. Thanks, Carlos (this extends to every member of the cabin crew as well for the same reason)!

  • He's my favorite character from the cabin group, and always has been since E1.

    As if being a protective parent wasn't enough, he wants to 'shield' Sarah from the apocalypse. That really made me admire him as a character, seeing how put off I get every time Clem strays away from the innocent character she was in season one. It's crazy to say it, but I can sort of relate to him as I want Clem to stay a little like her S1 character.

    I'll be torn up when he dies in the next episode. I don't see him making it past episode three.

  • He's a giant douche.

  • He's a good man, smart, useful to the group in many ways, caring father and friend and you can always rely on him.

  • Is it sad that I listened t all five minutes of that?

  • I agree with the idea that Carlos might have been a poorly written character.

    Carlos was unlikable for me in Episode 1, and I don't think the attempt to make him likable in Episode 2 was working out for me considering how strong of a bad first impression he has made with Clementine, especially since his hostility towards her for daring to ask for his daughter's help when no-one else would.

  • He might be one of my favourites now, provided he stops treating clem like a 5 year old. He's got balls though not giving up the rest of the group

  • What really irks me about his 'solution' to the Clem situation was how contrived it all felt.

    Not sure if Clem was bitten by a dog or a walker? Then let her stay in the cabin with someone to watch over her until it becomes clear she isn't going to die and reanimate. Tie her down to a bed until that point, if you're that afraid she'll turn, but surely any doctor worth his salt would have to realize locking her overnight in a cold shed with an untreated dog bite would be quite likely to kill her even if she's telling the truth. What Carlos proposes is like the proverbial medieval witch trial where you're thrown in a lake and judged innocent if you sink and drown but burned at the stake as a witch if you float and live.

    Then Clem stitches herself up and, suddenly, Carlos no longer has to wait until morning to decide that she genuinely wasn't bitten by a walker. Geez, Carlos, if you were aware that symptoms of a walker bite would be obvious long before morning, shouldn't you have been checking on her periodically instead of waiting the whole night? Is that too much to ask?

    And to top it all off, he then has the enormous brass balls to chastise Clementine for asking his daughter for help without apologizing for his own poor judgement or showing the slightest sense of guilt about what he almost did to an 11 year old girl. By that point, my opinion of Carlos was pretty much at rock bottom. It'll take a long time and a lot more redeeming behavior before I start trusting or liking him.

  • I agree with TonyFedora, he's a mixed charatcher, at least towards Clem, everyone else seems to love carlos in the group, expect for Nick that doesn't like being bossed around.

    I guess Carlos hasn't had a episode that is mostly about interaction with him, so he kinfd of seems distant from Clem, because he only cares about protecting Sarah.

    Maybe in episode 3 we will have more interaction with him ;)

  • Nah, a 10 hours video would be better.

  • I dont like him.
    I guess in recent episode a fatherly instinct sort of kicked him in his relationship with Clementine, this can be seen when he protects her from on coming zombies and tell her to get inside the lodge.But initially he was the one who told to put clem in the shed.THIS is fine but when you go inside the house and overhear the words he says that "I already made my decision" , he was gonna continue until pete interrupted him by saying "Luke has something to say" Luke really did sided with clem that day.

    The whole cabin group is pretty sketcy when you think about it.(for example : Alvin killing Geroge, and Luke too. Carver last dialouge seems to indicate that Luke was the initiator/leader to guide the group into leaving). Remember the part where Luke said to Sarah that Carlos not gonna do anything crazy or not nice? He probably did do something crazy and not nice.

  • Likeable to an extent. I think wr're going to see Carlos die in ep3 snd Nick and Alvin almost certainly will die if they lived past ep2. I had a thought that Rebecca would die in ep3 too after giving birth or something had gone wrong. Can't wait for the next release

  • I am have mixed feeling about him. I want to see more before I form a true impression of him. I can definitely say he is a good man though despite the first impression of him. I agree he takes care of his daughter. Though that may be detrimental to the group, I have no problem with him putting his daughter first, considering that that's his family. Maybe someone else should be leader then?

    What I don't like about this question is the use of the word "faggot". I am not gay, but I just don't like that. Just to put that out there. I am sure its not meant in that context but still.

  • Well, we don't have many informations about his story. He could be good and care only for his daughter (like Kenny with Duck), or he may be one of the bad guys, with Luke. Luke because he's TOO good and Carlos because we really don't know anything about him.

  • Speaking seriously, I like Carlos. It's sort of refreshing to see a character kind of acknowledge and account for Clementine being a little girl. I mean, I love that she's being recognized as the hardened veteran she's become under Christa, but as Walter pointed out, being underestimated has worked to her advantage before. I think he needs to accept that Sarah needs to change, though I know a lot of that is to come. I have a feeling we won't see a lot of Carlos' character until the group reaches Carver's compound, given the traumatic experience Sarah was forced to endure and the fact that Carver and Carlos seem to be the most at odds.

  • hey thats my video :D was gonna share it myself but I guess you beat me to it :D

  • He is a genius he is clearly the smartest in the group as you can tell from his actions

  • He's a bro. I like him.

  • Didn't like him at first, but now he seems cool. I have a feeling he'll die to give Sarah more character development though. :/

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