Why do you guys want Lily back so much?!

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She killed Carley and she always made Clementine scared and Clementine witnessed Carley's death! When did she ever do good? If she comes back this season then she will probably be MORE messed up!



  • Lee killed The Senator and Kenny killed Larry which Clem witnessed, only it was twice as gruesome.

    Lilly was the only one willing to get her act together and sort everyone out. Remember the tough decisions she had to make with dealing the food out? Yes she killed Carley but she did exactly the same thing as Lee; she killed someone in anger.

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    Seriously? Clem will be "messed up" just by seeing Lilly? She seemed pretty fine talking about her with Alvin. I think far worse things could happen to Clem.

    As for people wanted her back, its simple really, she was a really interesting and likeable character. Throughout season 1 I liked her more because I could totally see where she was coming from and agreed with most of her decisions. She killed Doug/Carley out of anger and it was a weak point for the character, I want to see her redeem herself. That was a huge moment of the season. Her story is far from over and that's why we want her back.

  • I guess it's just like with Kenny. Some people seemed to have liked her, so they want her back. I for myself couldn't care less. If she shows up, fine. If not, I won't mind either.

  • Why do you guys not want Lilly back so much? Seriously whats up with all the hate? Obviously you do not see characters as Lilly fans do. As UndeadEuan said... Lilly killed Carley out of anger. Lee killed the senator out of anger. I know killing Carley/Doug sucked but this is the walking dead. People die. And for some reason when your watching Jolene's video and Clementine is playing with chalk on the sidewalk. Lilly goes up to Clementine kneels down and talks to her. That may not mean much but it means a lot to me. She lost it a little but seriously. How would you feel if a person you hated dropped a salt lick on one of your parents heads. That's really brutal if you ask me.

    Kenny scared Clementine even more. He drops a salt lick on a mans head right in front of her. He swears all the time in front of her. He runs away with Duck leaving Shawn to die. He becomes a hard man who's only goal is a boat. He takes the food in the car when Lilly and Clementine disagree. Kenny wants to shoot the girl while Lilly would rather end her suffering. He would rather look for a boat then let Omid rest up.

    I honestly don't see how people like Kenny more then Lilly. Its a mustache, then a beard... WHO CARES? He makes the rashest decisions. I agree killing Larry had to be done but I would rather he eat us all then let Clementine witness that crap. Its the zombie apocalypse, Kenny's decisions are for survival but they are inhuman. If we are no longer human then what is the point of living?

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    When did Lilly ever scare Clem except for when shooting Carley?

    She protected Clem at the dairy, she gave her presents (the hair thingies) and she took the time to talk with Clem (as seen on the Jolene video), she was on Clem's side when it came to taking stuff from the car.

    Although I would have preferred her return over Kenny's, I don't want her to return.
    In my opinion season 2 is already leaning too much on season 1 for emotional scenes. It's time season 2 did it's own thing.

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    Sorry i accidentally responded to you

  • Well it would be nice to see a familiar face...

  • There's so much more Telltale can do with her character, I think it would be a waste of her character to keep her MIA.

  • Thank you :). I'm just confused why people like Kenny and hate Lilly...

    Thanks to all who protect Lilly!


  • I didn't say Clem will be messed up. I said Lily would be more messed up

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    Hugs Raging_Blades

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    Killing someone because they said something mean to you vs. killing someone because they're having an affair with your wife.. hmmm. I'm not saying Lee's actions from back then are justified, but come on. He also actively redeemed himself all of season one. Its surprising that Lee murdered someone in the past. Its not surprising what Lilly did.

    Other than handling food rations, what "tough" decisions did Lilly ever make? She was an emotionally unbalanced character and a bad leader.

  • Hugs HelloWorld123

    "Wait a minute... Are you a Lilly fan?.."

  • She was likable?? How? She was a very unpleasant person and was crazy stubborn.

  • Bringing Lilly back would make the story more interesting. Especially since Kenny is now back. Since both have done bad things, both of them could be holding the other's secret over their head (Kenny killed Larry, Lilly killed Carley/Doug) and we could see if either of them decide to rat the other out to the new characters. Plus, if Lilly is a part of Carver's community, I'd like to see her abuse her position when she finds out Kenny has been captured and use it to make him pay for what he did to Larry. Not because I hate Kenny, but it would be a really interesting situation since one of them would have all the power, and the other would have none.

  • Yes. I love both Kenny and Lilly. Is that a crime?

  • Walter's quote about finding "common ground" would be nice foreshadowing for Kenny/Lilly, even though he talked about Kenny/Luke.

  • I'm eager for her return so I can shoot her.

  • Yeah, I'd love to see if Lilly and Kenny could finally forgive each other or not. Especially after so much time has passed.

  • That's a little harsh. I mean, she did pretty much the same as what Lee did to the person having an affair with his wife.

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    Its not the same thing at all. Again, not justifying Lee's actions, but its not the same.

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    Except Carley wasn't having an affair with Lilly's wife. Lee killed someone that I had no emotional investment in, and it was prior to the apocalypse. In the apocalypse every life matters so much more for a group. I also think the person Lee killed had it coming, and before you try to call me a sexist or anything of the sort, if the character of Lee was a female and she killed a senator for the same reason I'd feel exactly the same way.

    Lilly was a stubborn and angry person to the entire group, with the exception to Larry and to a lesser extent Clem. Lilly also shot one of Clem's best friends, and someone she knew her beloved caretaker Lee was quite fond of. Lilly didn't save anyone by doing so, or even think she was saving anyone. Lee regretted what he did and actively sought redemption. Lilly swore Carley was stealing from them, there was no regret. Plus, if you don't have the heart to leave her she will just leave you no matter how nice you are to her. So while it's pretty much the same, in that they both murdered someone, Lilly is a much worse offender in my eyes, and I want to shoot her.

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    Yes, but Lilly was also in a more delicate mental state than Lee at the time. Namely that her father was killed gruesomely in front of her, and that the group tried to abandon her at the motor inn after she just saved them.

  • I would be happy to see her back because her interaction with Clementine and Kenny would be interesting, given their history. You can see that by the divided and often vitriolic responses to her in this very thread. Love or hate her, she does provoke a reaction.

  • Why not?

    I mean, Lilly was in an extremely delicate mental state, the group[ tried to drive off without her, Carley was insulting her..

    I mean, I don't like Lilly that much. I'm a kenny guy through and through. But I can sympathise with why she had a sudden burst of anger. And that's just what Lee had as well: a sudden burst of anger. It doesn't make lee a bad guy who should be killed on sight.

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    Delicate mental state or not, she did what she did, and I want to shoot her.

    Kenny was in a delicate mental state since episode 3 when his wife blew her brains out right in front of him, and then Lee shoots his dying son. Despite this he still did his best for the rest of the season to try and save the group. He even sacrificed his life for another group member while in that delicate mental state.

  • For the record, Lilly actually gets along with Lee pretty well if Lee sides with her in disputes. In that respect, she isn't any different from Kenny except for the ending.

  • Yes, but Lee also did what he did, and he wasn't in that much of a mental state.

    Kenny tells you to kill Ben after he confesses that he killed his wife and son, and he threatens to kill Ben just as it happens (another burst of anger, prevented only by lee holding him back).

    And sure Kenny may forgive him, but he never actually tells him that.

    In fact, if you do what Kenny wants you to (drop Ben), then he doesn't exactly forgive him.

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    I don't understand actual support for Lilly, but I personally think it would be interesting to have her back in a more villainous role, as part of Carver's group perhaps?

    But yeah, people who actually like Lilly and want her to return, no I'm with you, I don't understand it.

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    As I said, Lee killed the senator off screen. I had no emotional investment in that senator, and as I said, I think he deserved what he got. A sleazy senator cheating with someone's spouse; if they are doing that what else are they doing while in office? It was rash, but I don't disagree with Lee's decision, even though that doesn't justify it. Kenny had an outburst of anger at Ben, who was at fault. Ben was actually at fault, as was the senator Lee killed.

    Lilly had a burst of anger at Carley, who was simply defending herself from the self-nominated inquisitor. If Lilly shot Kenny I would understand her better. As it is she murdered an innocent woman, and I want to shoot her. Lilly wanted justice for the stolen supplies; I want justice for her shooting the wrong person.

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    Interesting? Yes, definitely she was an interesting character. Likeable... Well, I'm not even sure that Telltale wanted her to be likeable. Even if you supported her and agreed with her, she was generally a negative and unpleasant person. Now I'm not saying they wanted people to hate her, but I'm sure that likeable was never high on the list when writing her character. I actually want her to return because like you said, she was interesting. However, if she does try to redeem herself, I will be completely unforgiving. Personally, I think a villainous role would be more interesting.

  • I know she does, but she still did what she did even if you're her friend the entire time.

  • Just because you have no personal emotional investment in the person doesn't make their murder less of a crime.

    'I think he got what he deserved': So you think we should kill people who have affairs? That's not cool dude...

    Carley didn't need to call Lilly a 'scared little girl' did she? She didn't need to imply that Lilly had never helped anyone, even though Lilly had been doing her best to keep them all alive. She didn't need to make Lilly feel like absolute shit after trying to help the group.

    I don't at all agree with Lilly, and I think she deserves punishment. But I don't think murdering her for that is the right answer.

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    Simple answer, Kenny is more important than Lilly. This is a fact that you actually can not deny as in the "Making of" video, they say that Kenny was the third most important character next to Lee and Clementine. Also, most people found Lilly to be an unpleasant, negative person. Kenny was supposed to be more likeable.

    So basically... Kenny was just supposed to be more likeable and important than Lilly. ._.

  • This is true, though I still actively hate her, I'd really like to see her return because she was an interesting character.

  • Exactly, that would be a great storyline.

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    What? The group never tried to drive off without her. I'm assuming you're talking about when the group was fleeing the motor inn.. but they gave her enough time to get on board, Kenny even waited until basically the last possible second. And even though she was in a delicate mental state, that doesn't justify shooting a valued group member in the face just because they had said something mean to her. Carley/Doug were good people who did not deserve death. At least the guy Lee killed was a scumbag who had greatly personally wronged him.. and from what we hear in the game he didn't even mean to do it. I'm not saying his actions were justified, but its a completely different situation from what Lilly did. You're looking at this situation in black and white.

    Lilly's actions were not too far out of character, where as Lee's actions were very out of character.

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