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Characters from Season 1 meets S2 characters

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Obviously never going to happen but here's who I think would get along with who, hate who, etc..

Let's start with Lee:
Luke- I think he would respect him for caring for Clementine.
Pete- He would see him almost as somewhat of a mentor and maybe even say he wants Pete to look after her.
Nick- He would remind him of Ben but have sympathy for him.
Rebbeca- Bitch up until episode 2
Alvin- Best friends
Carlos- Mixed feelings
Sarah- He would take her under his wing when Carlos is too ignorant to teach her survival skills.
Carver- he would kill Carver immediately
Sarita- He would think of her as Katjaa for obvious reasons.

Luke- Neutral relationship
Pete- ?
Nick- Ben 2.0
Rebbeca- Would bitch slap her in 5 minutes
Alvin- they would be BFF's
Carlos- Relationship?
Sarah- Daughter-mother relationship

I'll do more later

  • LOL! Brilliant!! Lee meets Rebecca: Bitch up until episode 2. Hahahaha you had my dying.

  • Awesome idea! I think Lee would be ok with Luke, I can picture those two as friends. Pete, I think after a time they would become some sort of best friends, taking decisions together and stuff. I think he would trust him to take care of Clem too. Nick, probably Lee will try to put some sense into him maybe by relating him to Ben. He would also take care of him and be sure he doesn't mess up more than he has to. Rebecca.. well I'll go the same as you on this one. Alvin, they will sure be good friends. Alvin is a nice guy. With Carlos he will probably argue a lot about Sarah and the way he treats her. Lee most probably would try hard to convince him she has to grow up at one point and be strong enough to take care of herself in case something bad happens to him while Carlos will be like "Mind your own business I know what I'm doing, she's not like Clementine" etc etc... Sarah, well as you said Lee will probably try to teach her a few things but subtle. Carver, well after seeing him point his gun on Clem he would most probably wait till he's alone with him and rip his goddamn head off. Sarita, they will go well together, Walter, well they would find things to discuss. They are both teachers, they are both nice it would go well with him too.

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