• You get this if you saved Pete, then when he tells Clem to make run for it in the truck, you say "Thank you, Pete".

  • I don't think I could ever leave Pete to die alone in the truck. Even though he dies a minute or so later, I like him too much to just say "PEACE" and run off.

    • Well...it was for the best anyways

    • the story would be better if it would be a carley doug situation, not like pete dies anyway and nick lives anyway

      • But that would have taken more resources, which means that some of the content we did get would have had to have be cut :(

        • yeah i guess your right, and is the left man in ur profile pic commander shephard from mass effect?

        • i dunno about that. pete was bitten, he was on borrowed time with minimal resources. i think we already had some of episode 2 get cut, and pete was the start of it. i think how it would have gone is something like: you give pete the water, leave him in the van, doors are shut behind and he stays in there, group finds him, he gets a moment with nick, nick doesn't kill matthew on bridge. watching the next time scene on episode 1 shows matthew and walter next to eachother during the initial confrontation at the lodge, so it's likely there were plans to not kill matthew, but with pete dead, that whole line got pulled. possibly because they either ran out of time, or couldn't think of something to take the place of the miniplot it would remove to kill off matthew and have a determinant nick death.

          • Regardless of how they introduced him ,it certainly would have cost more resources to have a divergent storyline.

            • it's not like alternate scenes based on ones choices is anything new. we have the scene of pete being found dead, adding a scene of him sitting in the van talking to nick before he turns isn't out of the question. on the bridge, nick says "if alvin's up front, he takes the shot.", so in the pete timeline, either nick doesn't take the shot, or alvin is upfront and doesn't run in gun raised, they still pause at the station for rebecca and you get a chance to talk with matthew**, nothing really changes at the meeting in front of lodge, matthew and walter can be seen/talked to while they're cooking which only adds a few lines and places an existing model or matthew could even go back off wandering the woods as he was prone to do. during the walker attack, have him startle nick, nick shoots him, and then walter gets his choice to kill nick.

              pete only gets an alternate death scene, no living beyond the van, the next time showed they had atleast considered matthew surviving the bridge and being at the lodge, and him dieing during the walker attack are all that this would really add. as for what it removes, we probably wouldn't take his knife, alvin wouldn't ask us to lie for him about the peaches, although matthew could still share as he had offered and make the comparison to clem, nick probably wouldn't open up to clem unless she had the watch, and there wouldn't be the tension of having killed matthew to worry luke, so the scenes of him tellin clem to hide the knife up to the talk with walter about what kind of person nick was woudn't happen, which would mean that he'd likely kill nick outright with no determinant choice in that timeline unless they added a chance for them to talk, perhaps over how they and clem met as that could be used to show what kind of people clem saw them as.

              saying it'd cost more time/money is a bit of a cop out. making a better game tends to require such things, and one would think that's the sort of thing they'd want to put out. and then there's the length of time it already took them to release episode 2, so that could even be taken that they just decided to cut it short because they were taking too long in the first place... we'd already waited a few weeks over the estimation, it's not like we couldn't have waited longer for a game that didn't leave plot holes and fleshed out our choices beyond "nope, your choices wont really change anything."

              considering what our actions have actually changed, there really isn't much we've had an effect on. we went with nick or pete. that's really the only time our choice effected anything. and going with nick removed most of the conversation you have with him after the bridge. the dog dies no matter what. making sarah promise not to tell her dad about helping you still gets you accused of coercing her, your threat against rebecca does nothing to change how you can treat her later by making jabs and hints to alvin or telling her off. giving the water to anybody does nothing, no matter if you accept their help or not, nick and pete end up the same way as if you taken the other choice, and the scene for pete's death makes no sense if you let him help you, choosing to help at the bridge or not, you still go, choosing to take the big one gets a laugh, but changes nothing, trying to stop nick or disable matthew changes nothing. basically, your choices mean next to nothing up until you reach the lodge, and those amount to "_____ will remember that.". you have no moments to tell nick or walter about matthew till luke pulls you aside, you can suggest searching bonnie but then they just sits there, and then they let a kid figure out how to shut down the windmill (which ends up being insert the key on the panel, turn, and push. seriously carlos, where did you become a doctor?)... the only choices you make that change anything is picking to go with nick or pete, convincing nick to tell the truth and your talk with walter, and if you go to find kenny. everything else ends up the same way regardless of choices. sarah is probably the only other person who

              i almost hope that this is the result of them not having the resources to make these things fit better, because the other option is that this is how it was intended, and that worries me.

      • While I really would have liked to have Pete around for another Episode or so, I think the story turned out just fine. Plus, even though he actually didn't have all that much screentime, there were still a few feels when he was dying in that truck. It was a good final scene for him.

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    I knew telling him to come with me would be useless, But I couldn't just let him quit and die there in that Truck, Like Nick Said, He's the nicest mean old bastard I ever Knew.

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