• Possibly because of the feeling of betrayal as players were under the impression that Bonnie would be a heroic character, and we suddenly find her siding with Carver's group.

  • I don't think she's actually a bad person.

  • I've always wondered this: would the outrage have been the same if Bonnie was replaced by Nate, Wyatt, Eddie, or Vince?

  • I think she's just baring the brunt of the fact that everyone who went to the camp is now evil, if they'd all appeared at once I'd doubt they get as much hate. Plus a lot of people didnt like Bonnie to begin with.

    I did but if its choice between gunning her down or dying I know which one i'll pick

  • I don't hate Bonnie nor do I think of her as a bad person. I just don't trust her. She's probably been manipulated into working for Carver, she strikes me as as an easily persuadable and weak-willed person who might be sticking with him for a sense of belonging and safety. I don't think she's actually 'evil'. I really liked her in the 400 Days DLC, I'd be upset if she turned out to be just another thug working for a despot.

  • Because she's a ginger.

  • She did drugs and people don't like her character. They're pissed that she was with Carver yet they have no evidence of why she is. She is a good person I can assure you she will probably redeem herself. If not someone can say "I told ya so"

    • Im sure she will redeem herself. In the preview, she and Clementine shared a smile so they have to be getting along. I just find it curious that she was possibly headed to Tavia's group and now she's with Carver. What happened there?

      • Maybe shes a spy/double-agent. Most people are assuming Tavia and Carver's group are the same but I doubt it. Tavia seemed nice... Maybe at Carver's camp Carver is nice to everyone except the cabin group.

      • The groups are probably one and the same. I saw on a different thread a while back that the voice actor for Johnny is the voice on her walkie talkie in 400 days, though I'm not certain if this is true. Bonnie seemed like a very impressionable person to me, so Clem might have some kind of positive effect on her. She didn't seem very remorseful when people started dying though. All will be revealed next episode I'm sure.

  • White trash redneck anyone who points an ak47 to me I would probably hate don't know about you

  • She's like Andrea of the TV series good person with wrong choices.

  • She betrayed me, clementine and whole group. Walter died because of her actions

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