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About Wellington

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Is anyone else confused as to how everybody knows about Wellington? If it's all the way up in Michigan, how did Christa and Kenny find out about it? People don't seem particularly social during the apocalypse, so I doubt they met some stranger who mentioned it in passing. Maybe they leave signs, a la that Terminus place in the TV show? Or they send out scouts, like Tavia? It just seems strange that a place as far away as that would be willing or able to spend the resources necessary to advertise way down where Clementine is.

  • I'm guessing pamphlet drops from cargo planes.

  • I'm guessing through passing groups. Matthew mentioned that he saw at least one group a day going up north, "like a great migration of the dazed and confused." Even Carver mentioned it too. ("Listen kid, I hope you're not one of those nuts headed up north, looking for Shangri-La.")

    I don't really see what's so appealing about Wellington other than Lake Erie. If there's going to be a ton of people there then it's probably gonna be shit. As I'm sure everyone familiar with TWD knows, there are hardly ever big groups that aren't dysfunctional in some way or lead by an evil leader.
    And for some reason I have a feeling Clementine will end up going there.

    • The cold. Cold=Walkers less of a threat. That plus a lot of farmland. And if there's an established community people are no doubt hoping for organization and civilization of some kind. Who knows what it's really like though, could just be a rumor, or could be a dysfunctional community like seen in comics. Or it was a solid community but it fell.

      • Hmm, very true. But there are downsides to the cold too. (ex. difficult travel, potential deaths from hypothermia and frostbite, blizzards) I guess it depends on your survival viewpoints, but I think it's better to be with a moderately sized group of trusted people than in a giant group with people you don't even know or trust. In my personal opinion, people are a much bigger threat than the walkers are.

        Things always seem to fall apart somehow no matter where you are or what size group you're with in the TWD world, so I guess it doesn't really matter though.

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    Ellias BANNED

    Maybe like in left for dead, they have signs or people write on walls.

  • Matthew said that a lot of people were all headed north, so it seems that Wellington has become a "trend" which can be hard not to overhear.

  • I'll paste here my comment on this subject in another thread.

    Christa and Kenny came to know about wellington

    "Probably in the way people usually come to know things. One survivor known by christa may have heard from a friend that had a relative from that town that maybe there they could find safety.

    Of course voices always get bigger and bigger everytime, so if they get there they'll probably find some ghost town full of dead people."

  • It's just the newest "safe haven" in reality I think its just another pipe dream. Also I've only heard Kenny and Christa mention it, everyone else wanted to go north where the walkers would be slower due to the cold

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