• I heard that it was because of the saliva in a walker's mouth being filled with deadly parasites and whatnot because of the decay.

  • It's not just the bite who does it. It's the blood of the infected and the remaining of it saliva that spread the infection.

    If nick's nicked knuckle didn't come in contact with the infected blood, thete it wouldn't be cosidered a bite.

    Told so, we all see the charachters get sprayed in the face with walkers' blood all the time, so or they all got lucky and the blood never ended in their mouth or in some cut on their face, or this theory is wrong

  • I think of walkers as being like Komodo dragons. Their mouths are full of bacteria, and if that enters your bleed stream via their saliva then you are going to die from the infections that the bacteria creates.

    • But how much bacteria is needed from a lurker to successfully get someone sick?

      • I would think a very small amount, because getting that bacteria in your blood stream is going to cause it to multiply there. It'd be a bit like how small pox spread to the Native Americans since they had no experience with it, and therefore no immunities. I'm honestly not positive though, because as it's been stated on here, people get drenched in walker blood, and I'm yet to see someone washing it off with soap. Except for in season 1 maybe. I think that's just part of the mystery. You can try to explain it but it never makes 100% sense in all scenarios.

  • Also a bite or scratch isn't 100 percent deadly. I believe 2 characters in the comics survived a bite and a scratch without cutting a limb off.

  • The reason a walker's bite is a death sentence is because their teeth are going right into your body. Their saliva is a breeding ground for bacteria because of the shit they're eating and in general how their bodies are just decaying into it. Now while a tooth scraping your fist is bad, the chance of becoming ill enough to die and then turn is actually much smaller. It's because even though there is saliva in that tooth, it's not like that zombie is ripping and tearing and drooling into that wound as would be the case with a real bite. I'd even dare to say that just treating the area with antiseptic and taking antibiotics would be enough to keep you fine.

  • People have been assuming since the first season that a bite from a walker is a death sentence. Consider, however, that in the (almost) 4 seasons of this show, we have NEVER seen someone turn or die from a little walker bite. Sure, a massive bite to the neck would kill anybody, whether it be caused by a walker or not.

    That dude in the first season got bitten, then got some crazy fever and started having visions of the future (remember, he dug the exact number of graves as of people who would later die). But we did not see what ultimately happened to him because they left him alive by the side of the road.

    Now that we know all humans are already "infected" why do they still assume a bite would either turn you or kill you? It's a good thing Hershel is dead, because otherwise he would be pissed to realize his leg was chopped off for no good reason!

  • It really will come down to whatever telltale decides. If the saliva did make contact with the bloodstream then he is indeed infected.

  • With as much zombie blood as Clem seems to be getting all over herself these days.. is it possible to get infected (as in the zombie bite disease) by getting some of it in your mouth or eyes?

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