A nice thing about the Pudding and Pie

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Did anyone else notice how the pudding and pie club didn't just focus on females?

They had posters of males as well as females, and the stage was decorated with both.

I thought this was a nice touch, as normally games only sexualise females. In this case both the men and women are over-sexualised, which is kind of the point of the club, so I liked it :)


  • I liked it too. The club had a nice vibe with that; it's cool to see it.

  • Well not really: just means that both men and women working there are under George's tyrannical club conditions.

  • Normally video games just show nothing but chicks, etc, it is a shitty club with horrendous conditions. But it's a good developer thing.

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    Equality is always a nice thing. Also, well, I might make some sort of breakthrough here that'll probably blow your mind, that said, the club does technically stay true to its name, does it not? Since there are dozens of varieties of pudding and pies aplenty for us to eat. So, the club delivers that in the same sense, just in the female/male stripper and fetish sort of way. Jesus, Georgie has got a nice thing running now that I think about it!

  • Equal suffering for all! Hurray!

  • Also, Fabletown is a small community. They wouldn't be making nearly as much money if they only catered to certain clientele.

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    I noticed that also lol they had just as many posters of male strippers as females

  • I didnt see anything else than the nice boobies of Nerissa. Just kiddin'. ;)

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    Breasts? I was more drawn to her socks...

    But when Hans came walking up... Holy shit. I'm no homosexual, but he's a pretty big dude.

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