• I think Bonnie will die in the next episode, it will be a major character death, because it's someone we played as, and perhaps the way she dies depends on your choices. Perhaps you can convince her to help you due to her guilt over Walter's death.

    I heard someone say that Bonnie and Molly have the same voice actress, and Molly is more popular than Bonnie, so perhaps once Bonnie is out of the way they can bring Molly back (otherwise they would sound the same, and that would be weird)

    • Nice thoughts. And I just checked, Erin Yvette did voice both Bonnie and Molly. But I don't think Molly will come back. She had too much of a 'goodbye' scene for her to return, in my opinion.

  • TTG must be laughing seeing as we speculate on something they already know pretty well.

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