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Sequel Good day to decisions hard?

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Made thread before like this Hard decisions but decided to do sequel i want test users morals again muhahaha

Turns out clem is cure for human race but cure is within her brain meaning death she at hospital protected by bandits to remove the cure what do you do?

A) Let her die to save human race

B) Kill innocent bandits protecting hospital and kill doctors to rescue Clem

Carver has gun to your head and gives you pistol he orders you to shoot one of your friends who are tied up in front of you do you?

A) Shoot Kenny

B) Shoot Luke

C) Try turn get shot

Sarah gets bitten by zombie carlos tells you to please not tell group or there kick her out do you?

A) Tell group save risk of her turning randomly and biting someone

B) Keep it secret but will potentially turn and kill one of the group

C) Ask sarah to cut off her finger to attempt and remove virus then keep it secret(yes got bitten on finger gotten say arm but sarahs armless with no excuse no plotholes)

Carver now leader of your group asks you to join him as leader but must kill sarah to prove your commitment to his cause

A) Accept

B) Reject and run away but then whole group will be killed as result of your rejection

C) Take sarah out in woods pretend you killed her and let her fend for herself most likely lead to death for her

You get bitten the doctor reveals clems the cure within her brain and asks you to trick her to doctors office then he will make the cure.

A) Trick clem your cured but clem dead

B) Accept your faith run away from group as don't want to change and hurt someone

C) Tell her the truth and let her make the decision

Find out Clem lost her mind and going on killing spree killing all group or anyone she encounters

A) Save your friends lifes and kill clem

B) Let her do it but she murders whole group then going for you

C) Let her kill the group but when she goes for you try to convince her to stop if she doesn't kill her

I tried to design my answers to test your morals of right and wrong they are no right decisions interesting see users mentality

Please give answers letter and why chose that option thanks for reading let games begin

    1. B (last of us?)

    2. C

    3. C or A(depends on how quick we caught the infection and amputated)

    4. ohh dang umm probably C

    5. B

    6. A (if she lost her mind it be better to put her out of the misery BUT that better never happen Clem is to Awesome :D)

    • B last of us favourite game wonder if it was clem would do same as people haven't played always seem have problem with joels decision without playing the game seeing journey can't understand so interesting see if it was clem understand how important she survives even damns human race

      Nice list hope non of this happens to clem just tried asks decisions which really test you and clem is character that seriously let away with anything so using her makes it hard decision

      Thanks for comment interesting

  • Hmm, interesting. I'll give it a go.

    1. B (Wasn't this in the ending of 'The Last of Us'?)

    2. C (Realistically, I wouldn't be able to force myself to choose between Kenny or Luke!)

    3. A or C (Depends on whether or not I was there when she got bit so I'd know how long ago she was infected.)

    4. C (This was tough to decide on, but like how Spock would say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.".)

    5. B (I wouldn't want to risk it.)

    6. A (In her sane mind, I'd think my Clem would rather be put out of her misery and let the others live on.)

    • Thanks lol second comment that said good eye true it's last of us true really for people who never played last of us and see joel as evil for what he did so wanted same situation with clem so they'd understand when you go through journey and connect with character like clem or ellie never let them die whether it damns human race and my fav game so bit of tribute

      Interesting thanks for comment

    1. A (if this is just like TLOU where Ellie wanted to die to save humanity but Joel [you] want her to live because she is the only thing that's important to you anymore and you lie to her about it afterwards, I'd let her, doing otherwise I think would be selfish. Also, you had to kill many people who only wanted to help humanity as well.)
    2. C (It's just the right thing to do to put you're friends above your own self, I'm sure Kenny and Luke would do the same.) (However, I thought about A for a while, not because I'm a Lilly fan or anything like that, but I think this would, in a sense, be doing him a favour. Thinking about killing him is tough but i feel like it would be doing him a favour. He's been living in the past, making odd jokes to seemingly mask his sadness, and he had his share of bad moves but I couldn't make that decision because I don't know if he wants to deep down or if it would be better for him and he wants to just stop thinking about Katjaa and Duck for good, I mean if he had no will, he could've easily found a way to end it. Plus, dang that Godly beard doe)
    3. C (if she has the chance of surviving without harming those around her, why not take it?)
    4. C (with the other choices, she's dead either way. At least, even if it's very slight, she'd have some sliver of hope to survive out there. And if Luke is still out there as we'll, hey might just cross paths.)
    5. B (I think A is just straight up wrong and with B it'd be wrong to let her deal with the pain of deciding between herself and me and possibly be left with her blaming herself for my death.)
    6. A (She's not the same Clem I knew and I'm certain the sweet Clem from before would agree this was right and she would not want herself to have murdered all those innocent people.)
    • This is sort of comment i love so much depth fully explain your reasons just perfect thank you

      1. Interesting choice for me i could never let clem or ellie die but im fully aware it's wrong but just can't but fully agree with this comment that why made thread to see perceptive users see it from and i agree

      found these answers just brilliant agree with clem one wouldn't of wanted to be a killer so choice to do it this actually gave me a feel

      but all great and well explained good sir thank you

      • I'm a girl, but you're welcome! and no, thank you, you're decision thread was fun. I'll be looking forward to the next one in the future. And with question 1, it's just I'm pretty sure she wanted to die if it gave the possibility of helping others and I wouldn't want to take away from her for my own agenda, but yeah, I get where you're coming from, I wouldn't want her die either.

    • I only read your first response (and only the first question of the op haha) but I'd just like to point out Ellie didn't willingly give herself for the cause. She was uniformed of it costing her life. Though, likely, she would have agreed to give her life it was still them murdering a 14 year old girl.

      • Huh, I guess it's just the way I interpreted Marlene's words at the end. I looked it up and people said it's uncertain and left to be inferred whether or not she knew But thanks for the enlightment with that possibility Viva-La-Lee.

        • FYI, there was an audio tape in the hospital that revealed there were tests done on multiple others who were immune, but they were inconclusive. There is a large chance that Ellie's death wouldn't have even produced a vaccine.

          • Oh, I thought he was lying when he told Ellie about that in the car, I guess I have to go over that part again. Shouda known Joel wasn't that bad of a guy. Thanks so much, Mullet_Necromancer.

          • People still don't understand that audio file. There were no other immune peoples, she was the one and only. Joel lied to her at the end.

            • Sorry, I don't know why I added "immune". The point is, there was no guarantee that her death would have produced a vaccine.

              The surgeon describes Ellie's strain of Cordyceps as having mutated even further beyond the original, human-targeting strain. This implies two things: 1, Cordyceps mutates really quickly; 2, It's not that Ellie doesn't have Cordyceps, it's that somehow her body is able to accommodate it without it affecting her behavior. A later audio log says that an MRI scan revealed that the fungus is completely covering her brain except for the lobes which affect cognition and behavior.

              What does this mean? First, even if a vaccine was able to be created, there's nothing preventing the Cordyceps from mutating even further and overcoming the original vaccination. Second, any person who would be vaccinated immediately becomes a carrier (unlike actual vaccines), presenting a threat to any who are not vaccinated. Finally, it's not actually reasonable to assume that Ellie's strain of Cordyceps would behave the same for every human, as the immunity could still lie in Ellie herself, not her mutated strain of Cordyceps.

              • That I can agree with. Although I must say the chance of a successful vaccine would have to have been high or Marlene would not have marked her for death. Despite her terrible way of approaching the situation Marlene wasn't a bad person. Imo.

                I just had to point out that she was the only immune person seeing as there were so many (especially right after the game came out) that thought she wasn't the only patient.

                Also I'm no microbiologist or genetic engineer or anything but

                1) 20 years is a long time for a microorganism to mutate

                2) if others were infected with the mutated form then they would have an immunity to the other form

                3)those infected with the non virulent organism I'm would only be carriers for the non virulent organism, not the harmful strain

          • I don't think it was ever mentioned that the subjects were immune, was it? I just thought they were people who had the infection.

        • I don't see how it's up for debate. Marlene said she 'would' give her life' and that Joel knew that. Meaning she was never actually told. She was confused when she woke up in the truck, about what happened and why she was even in surgery clothes (which she would know if she had been told about the operation). And Marlene would have told Joel at the beginning had she gotten the ok from ellie to go through with the procedure, also probably letting ellie and Joel talk before she went through with it. I don't mean to be offensive of crude or anything, I just don't see how her knowing/not knowing was ambiguous.

          • there's the discussion I was referring to if you'd like to see for yourself. Although, it's fairly vague so I wouldn't be surprised really if you're right. And don't worry, you didn't sound that way all, imo anyways.

            • Good :) the last thing I wanted was to sound like a proverbial pick lol. I loved that game so much, especially the ending, that I've pretty much covered all of the ins and outs of the situation as a whole. The controversiality of the ending was phenomenal!

              • Ha, nah. Agreed, I now am unsure as to how I should feel about that ending after how long of believing it was different than how it may be. Though personally, despite that psycologically riveting ending and the game being as great as it was throughout, I still prefer The Walking Dead over it.

                • I couldn't choose. They both have such a perfect story line and such perfect characters. The only stimulation for which one I like more is which one I have played most recently, therefore which is most on my mind.

                  • thanks for this huge discussion on last of us found it interesting and learned more about my favorite game of all time

                    • Anytime you want to discuss the last of us I'm your guy! I'm as big if a fan of that title as I am a fan of telltale walking dead :D

                      Such a big fan I'm looking into dropping hundreds of dollars in that awesome statue that comes in the post pandemic version!

                      • EPIC WIN Viva just epic win i literally biggest fanboy remember watching video on youtube called 100 things wrong with last of us. I usually criticize people for hating on stuff just because it's negative on something you like but damn thumbed it down and refused to watch it my rage that someone would find something wrong that's when knew i'm become fanboy

                        • Haha I'd rather defend the game than down vote and leave but that's just me. There were a few minor things wrong with the game, mostly game mechanics, but all in all it was a completely stellar game!

                          • I actually agree but this particular day youtube video they never respond to anything only game just can't accept people stating anything less then masterpiece wish wasn't so ignorant but can't help it. Only downthumbed you know youtube video never down thumb anyone on forum for honest opinion not that bad yet lol and love respond to someone opinion love debates lol.

                            True dat vive true dat

    1. B. Clementine takes priority over a bunch of murdering assholes. The Last Of Us had a perfect ending, no regrets. Immunity has no place in TWD, though.

    2. C. I would first shoot the ground in front of them, and while Carver was briefly distracted, I would turn and shoot him. I'm sure he would expect me to try to shoot him, so at least this method would catch him off guard.

    3. C. This one is easy. It offers a chance of survival, as opposed to the other choices which do not.

    4. C. This scenario is unrealistic, though, as Carver would completely expect it. So, realistically, I would have to shoot her unless given some opportunity to shoot Carver instead.

    5. B. Humanity doesn't deserve a cure. I would run away with Clementine (if given successful amputation, you were very vague concerning the bite). If not, I would convince her to leave.

    6. A. Clementine's character isn't the type to go completely psychotic. She is far more likely to dissociate herself from the outside world than she is to just randomly kill people. People without a long history of mental health issues don't just randomly go on killing sprees. Therefore, this decision doesn't really hold any weight because it has no basis in reality.

    • Thanks for answer mullet on clem issue there hard questions not designed to follow any character traits just designed to ask tough question if the impossible did happen for little fun for thanks for answer

    1. Tough one. A, but only if I was absolutely, 100% sure that a cure would come out of it. If not, B. But to be completely honest, what's a cure gonna do? The real problem in the TWD universe is the lack of unified groups and the conflict between survivors, which would persist even if humanity had a cure. Plus, even if you do have a cure, you can still be ripped to shreds by zombies wanting to eat your insides.

    2. C. I like Kenny and Luke equally, so I can't really choose. I wouldn't attempt to shoot Carver however, that would just end badly for everyone involved. And he would be expecting it.

    3. C. Even if it doesn't work, hey, at least I tried. Carlos putting his daughter over everyone in the group crosses the line of being overprotective, it's downright selfish.

    4. I can't see this happening, but, C. Reasons why? There is no way Carver would let anyone he doesn't trust outside of his camp, especially unsupervised. Even if he did, he would expect to see a dead body so he knows for sure that Sarah is dead. If this were realistic, it would have to be A. One person dying is better than a whole group.

    5. B. I wouldn't fight it.

    6. Once again, I can't see this happening ever, but, A. Like I said, one person dying is better than a whole group.

    1. A. Save human race obviously
    2. B. Kenny is the bomb
    3. A. The group would need to known
    4. None of the above, Sarah dies from Walker bite
    5. A. It needs to happen
    6. A. Why would you let her kill everybody?
  • Make another one tomorrow but must have a movie pun i used good day to die hard for this thread

    lets get serious

    Might use

    Decisions another day( die another day james bond)

    Episode III: Revenge of the decisions(star wars)

    i will accept movie puns to use for tomorrow need ideas lol any help will be appreciated

  • These are actually very good ideas! Maybe TTG will steal then :P

    1. It depends on what she wants. But after all this time I'll answer B
    2. C
    3. C
    4. C
    5. C
    6. A
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    UndeadEuan BANNED
    1. A.. Sadly if she was the only option she'd have to give herself up and die a hero.
    2. A. Don't like Kenny and like Luke - it's a no brainer.
    3. C - I really like Sarah and wouldn't want her to die.
    4. C since Sarah would still have a chance.
    5. B - I wouldn't want to be the reason someone died.
    6. A. No serial killers are going to survive thanks.
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