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Feature Request Thread

posted by reconhope on - Viewed by 804 users

It would be nice if you could view the decisions of your friends. What features would you like implemented in the game?

  • I would like a feature where you can watch you're own recorded playtrough, without showing the dialogue boxes or quicktime event symbols so i wouldn't forget what i did in my canon playtrough.

  • Feature where replay certain conversation over and over again to see the different answers and responses by the characters easier then replaying whole chapter see different responses

  • being able to skip dialogue would be a good start. at least when you alread played a part and are just "rewinding"

    who thought it would be a good idea to not let the player skip dialogue in the first place? every friggin adventure from the nineties has that feature

    • Well, adventure games where YOU make the choices and choose the answers and reactions to dialogues often tend to not let you skip them.

      Not trying to be too ironic or anything, sometimes, while replaying the games for the ten thousandth time, i wish i could skip them, too. But then the game wouldn't be... Well, the game wouldn't be the game without the choices and answers, and you need the dialogues for that.

      • That's what I don't like in Mass Effect. If you press spacebar you can skip the dialog. This ruins the immersion of the game.

        • noone puts a 9mm to your head and forces you to skip dialogue.

          in twau its EXACTLY the same thing with those time-limited answers. just press pause (spacebar) and the whole thing becomes absolutely pointless, cause you can take all the time you want to read the answers. but you dont HAVE to press pause, you CAN if you want to.

          so let me skip dialogue if i already played that scene and rewinded the game just to correct my decisions.

  • Hmm, i dunno. I don't really want any other features, i guess. I'm good, for now.

  • Different endings and a new character death feature that makes it possible for characters not necessarily die.

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