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Additions to gameplay like to see?

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I like to see

Instead of all qtes with zombies everytime like tactical section with zombies where have sneak past them without them seeing you using hiding places and quick movements

Fun minigames with sarah where find an old game of connect four or checkers and have a game maybe even game of snap be fun little break from constant depressive atmostphere

Like section where find diary's in the bags of characters or in their rooms and get little flashback cutscene seeing big events in their lifes of each character in your group as you find their diary adding more character depth and also understand their motives

Fail-able qte's example where if trying to escape and miss qte event and get caught no retry. Fighting bandit and lose your taking hostage. When played heavy rain where no second chances really added to the tension be edge of your seat stuff.

Like fun easter egg joke responses after completed game first time the game allows you to response to dialogue with added choice to each conversation which makes no sense or action where clem just does robot or something

Kenny: I Just got lucky

Clem: That makes no sense you stupid urban


Michelle: Give me your hat

Clem: Just shoot you take my hat i take your life

Get the point

Shooting practice minigame where have shoot bottles off wall etc

Anyway what additions or changes would you like to see?

  • That is what I was thinking!!! Hopefully TT does something like this :)

  • More scavenging, greater tension in combat (different ways to use the environment to your advantage), more hubs for more opportunities to talk to characters, more ways to interact with characters in general, no time jumps, hunting.

    • Exactly good points

    • No time jumps? Wow that would be tedious... have to control the characters while they are going to the bathroom... wait and just stare at the screen for hours while they sleep...

      I don't understand you time jump complainers.

      • Significant time jumps as in the huge time jump between the bathroom scene and the firewood scene, and the 5 day jump during episode 2. These jumps deny us opportunity for greater character development (something lacking in many current group members). Why would I want to do the things you listed? Be reasonable.

        • I agree the 16 month jump was excessive. Small jumps are fine. The 5 day jump wouldn't have mattered at all to me except that it happened at such a pivotal point with the new group starting to trust her etc, so that was a terrible jump imo.

          They had time jumps in season one all the time and they were fine. Season two just can't control them correctly.

          • The 16 month time jump was part of the introduction to the season. If they had a 16 month time jump in the middle of the season, yes it would have been excessive. But it wasn't in the middle of the story. It was to get to the place where the story begins. Clementine had to be both older and more experienced to be a decent protagonist. It was completely necessary and completely acceptable. Yes, I suppose they could have just started at the fire wood scene and not had the scene that took place 16 months earlier, but that 16 months earlier scene really added something in my opinion, it set up the kind of world they were in. Anyone whining about the 16 month time jump is basically whining for whining's sake.

            As for the 5 day time jump, I can kind of agree that it was slightly premature. She should have had a little more time to talk to and get to know the people she was with before time jumping. I felt the same way actually, like "She has been traveling with these people for five days, and I still don't know anything more about them?" So yes, that could have been better executed.

            It just annoys me a bit when people complain about "the time jumps" when they have no idea what they're actually complaining about. the post I responded to above is a perfect example. That person just wrote "no time jumps" as if any time we don't see every second of what is happening to the characters, that's a bad thing. As you say, season one jumped forward in time a lot, several months at one point. So if people are going to complain, at least know what they're complaining about instead of complaining about "time jumps."

            • I understand why they did it. As I understand why America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan to end WW II. Terrible analogies aside it is still a huge time jump with absolutely no information in between. It was needed to make Clementine a playable character (of value) but that doesn't mean it wasn't excessive. There are other ways to handle the situation with more finesse.

              You are reading too much into the lesser portion of my post, I'm not bothered by the 16 month time jump. I'm far from "whining for the sake of whining" but thanks for shoving that down my throat :p

              We have the same thoughts on the 5 day time jump. To say the least it felt like the characters had walked silently the entire time without so much as looking at eachother.

              As I pointed out earlier the time jumps in season one were done fantastically, I hope you aren't aiming this "know what they're complaining about instead of complaining about "time jumps."" statement at me :P

              • Oh, I certainly was not aiming that comment at you. I was aiming it at the person who wrote the original comment I responded to and other people who think like that person. I also have not seen you whining about the 16 month jump, so that wasn't aimed at you either. Although I don't see what was excessive about it. We pretty much know what happened during that time. Christa and Clementine experienced a lot of fucked up shit. That's all we have to know to set up the story for season two. What precisely happened during that time is not part of the story.

                • < "Oh, I certainly was not aiming that comment at you. I was aiming it at the person who wrote the original comment I responded to and other people who think like that person. I also have not seen you whining about the 16 month jump, so that wasn't aimed at you either."

                  Whew :)

                  The story is how Clementine survived. If we follow your train of thought then they could have started S1 when Lee found Clem and time jumped to where Lee died and filled in the middle with "experienced a lot of fucked up shit." What precisely happened in that time is directly part of the story. If it isn't important enough to go into detail that's fine, but giving us nothing, to me, is excessive.

                  • If the story they wanted to tell in season 1 happened after Lee died, then they could have absolutely done that. That would have been the set-up to the story and then they'd tell the story they want to tell which happens right after Lee dies. As it happens, however, the story they wanted to tell was about Lee and his redemption from being a convicted murderer to being a little girl's savior. That was the story.

                    In season 2, the story is not about what happens while Christa and Clementine are wondering around alone surviving. It's about what happens after they get separated. Therefore, it is appropriate that they skip the things that are not a part of that story and go right to the beginning of the story.

                    • First: Sorry for the people downvoting you. I'd rather they give us both thumbs up for having such a good discussion, but since I can't make that happen I'll just give you my like :)

                      I agree that it was the story they wanted to tell, I'm just emphasizing that everything that happens developes the story. Every action or word that happens to/is spoken to Clementine alters who she is. It is all her story, the story of how she survives. This season is about what happens after they get separated, but everything that happened before they were separated plays into how her character developes. Again I'm not saying that the 16 months didn't set up this story, or that it wasn't necessary, just that it was excessive.

                      • As person who created this thread i'm loving this sort argument with great depth and points haters gonna hate but i love reading it and encourage more thumb for all comments

                      • Yes, I do enjoy a good discussion. I have gone through and liked your posts as well. (I always forget those like/dislike things are even there honestly. It doesn't bother me)

                        At this point, I'm a little confused. You say "I'm not saying that the 16 months didn't set up this story, or that it wasn't necessary" and then you follow that with "it was excessive." Those cannot both be true. If something is necessary, it is by definition not excessive. If I put an excessive amount of sugar in my cake, then I have put far more sugar than was necessary. If I put the necessary amount of sugar in the cake, then the amount of sugar I put could not be excessive. It was the necessary amount.

                        • Ahh I thought you might find my mistake in wording. Going back to my WWII anology- what many (Americans) would deem as necessary, many others (Japan) would deem as excessive. I had no other terminology to fall back on so I used my defaut wording, which happened to contradict. I hope the analogy break down cleared up my misused words :)

                          Perhaps instead of 'necessary' I should be using the word understandable, or applicable.

                          • Then I suppose I am arguing that it was indeed necessary, not just understandable.

                            What other options were there? If there was no time skip, then we are still stuck with a little girl who is not able to fend for herself either mentally or physically so then we have two options:

                            1. Make Christa the player character and basically just have a rehash of season one again where you have to take care of a little girl.
                            2. Make Clementine the player character and have a ridiculous situation where the player character is not actually in control because she is young and weak, so Christa makes the big decisions and we get to follow.

                            I don't see how either of those would be fun games to play. Therefore, I argue that the 16 month jump was completely necessary in order for season 2 to be fun.

                            • Again this is where the terminology fails the situation. They had to time jump, but it could have been handled differently. Even a cinematic event trailing the duo would have done more justice to the 16 months than '16 months later.' We should have a much deeper connection to Christa. Even if she blames Clem for Omid's death (which I think she does) she cared for her for 16 months. It's safe to assume she saved her life on multiple occassions. Providing for her, teaching her. All we have as inference of anything happening between them in 16 long months is Christa's flat stomache and a cold monotone.

                              Perhaps my wording problem stems from excessive rather than necessary. I'm not sure how else to word that though....

                              Distasteful usage of - ?

                              I'm heading to bed, if you reply I will probably respond tomorrow :)

                              • I can mostly get behind the idea of a montage of them out there during those 16 months.

                                The only problem I can see with that is that it would pretty much have to show how the baby died. Without the montage we just see them without a baby and we know the baby is dead and we know that the baby likely died in a horrific manner. Nothing more needs to be said. I think it would significantly decrease the emotional impact if we actually got to see exactly how it happened.

                                • Who says they needed to cover that exact moment? I'm not a writer/creater (well, at least I don't get paid for it xD ), but even I could figure a creative way to get aroudn that situation, leaving it to be detailed later with Rebecca (likeI think they plan on doing).

                                  So much for sleeping, stupid internet.

                                  • It is probably the most significant thing that happened to them the entire time they were out there by themselves. It certainly was for Christa! It would be a hard thing to write around. But if they could figure out a way to do it without letting the cat completely out of the bag, then a montage would have been nice. Sure. But then hind sight is 20/20 and it's easy to say what they should have done after the game is already out. The way they did it was good enough, though. It's at least not worth the attention it keeps getting on these forums from people complaining endlessly about "time jumps." (again, not you, but I'm sure you've seen it). The five day skip was definitely worse because there should have been more character development in that gap, but even that's not so bad as to be worth wasting time complaining about.

            • How very pleasant you seem. There is a difference between giving one's opinion and "whining". You nitpick a small part of a post, take it completely literally in order to antagonize the poster, and completely disregard any possible validity in favor of scoffing at the poster's ignorance. At least Viva is willing to discuss alternate viewpoints.

              • Sorry. I realize that I can sometimes have too little patience for stupidity. But I also realize that Mullet_Necromancer is probably like ten years old, and I should go a little easier.

                • Now, of course, this devolves into personal insults. I am quite amazed by the amount of information you are able to discern about a poster's age and intelligence based solely on the fact that the poster's viewpoint conflicts with your own. Why someone would waste their time to debate against someone holding such an insulting demeanor is beyond me.

  • Yeah, I think the shooting practice would be cool. And it would be better if you only got one chance to play the minigame, and if you got a certain percentage, it would make Clem kill zombies in one shot. And if you got under the percentage, she would still kill zombies with two shots.

  • Though I think asking for so much is a little too late at this point, I'd like to see a better 'hub'. Sure, we got a 'hub' in the ski lodge, but it was missing something vital. What made the hubs so great in my opinion, was not just the fact that you could talk to the characters, but the fact that there were options to talk about with each one. For example, at the drugstore, you can ask Kenny about his kid, their plans, and how he's feeling. You can ask Lily about Larry, Larry's state. You can talk to Carley about her state, who she is, and the radio. This continues in episodes two and three, but is lost in four and five. It continues to be absent in S2E1 and S2E2, and I miss it a whole bunch.

    • yeah say definitely say to late but even throw in better hub area be nice i agree

    • The problem with that is is so many people just walk straight past those areas. As such they cant use anything said in those exchanges in choices.

      • Yeah, I've seen that a lot with youtubers. It's like they can't see something right in front of them. Still, I'm hoping that the majority of the fanbase did check all the options, or most of them at least. It adds a lot of depth to the game. Plus, the game had a wonderful way to MAKE you do that talking sometimes. At the Motor Inn, the flashlight puzzle meant you had to ask everyone, and that meant you would get a chance to talk with them. It was a great mechanic.

        Though yeah, I guess you're right. My RPG instincts have told me to explore every sidequest, mission, and in this case, smalltalk before I do the thing that I expect will progress the story. Probably explains why I've got good endings in many cases. DAO, ME, DA2, ME2, ME3, Witcher, Witcher 2, TWD, Dishonored, etc. I'm stubborn that way, but it's true that many people don't like doing that.

  • More situations where you have to make an accurate shot. Such as when Lee has to save Molly if you dont bring clem, they seem to be doing that a bit already as clem's accuracy is important when shooting the walkers in ep 2.

  • I would LOVE to see better stealth moments in the game.

  • I really liked the part where you give out food to people in S1. I hope they make some similar choices like that in future episodes.

  • " Kenny: I Just got lucky "

    " Clem: That makes no sense you stupid urban "

    Kenny isn't Urban...Lee is Urban!

  • The episode would be long over two hours if they make longer hubs and what you said.

  • I'd like to see a sort of tactical management of the group during a battle against another group or against walkers, or give the player the opportunity to prepare the group at best for it.

    I.e. Decide to give a rifle to kenny or Nick in prevision of a battle, establish where your companions should stay and what to do during a battle or an ambush, or also, decide to let a wounded charachter fight or make him/her rest and loose some offensive power for a higher chanche of his/her survival.

    Also, I'd like to see that your choiches actually change the course of events. Up until now, in the end your choiches don't actually make a change, the story evolves in a pre-established way no matter what you do (i.e., you get caught by Carver no matter what, or Lilly kills Carley/Dough in S1).
    Even if you save a charachter from death, the same charachter is gonna die anyway shortly after, and be relatively useless while they're still alive (like carley/dough during the St. John episode. They only appear in the end and have minimal weight on what's happening.

    I undertand it's a way to let all players have at least similar experiences, but this way the deaths of your friends are there just to make you feel sad. They don't have a real weight on the plot

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