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Would you leave the game if ......... dies? Seriously?

posted by Clementine09 on - last edited - Viewed by 12K users

After reading so many threads and messages about keeping characters alive, how much this character is awesome, and why others should die I am convinced that we have a community of very passionate hardcore fans myself included.

My question applies to our favorite character. Me? It's obviously Clem. I recall in a recent discussion with Viva-La-Lee that said he would quit if Clem suffered an amputation (assuming a major limb). So what does this mean? It's not death but it tells me that the emotional attachment with our favorite character is so powerful that their death in the game would trigger enough to forsake the game altogether. Yes that much.

Okay so what if Clem dies? What would I personally do? To tell you the truth, I really hope it does not happen but if it did I don't believe I would leave the game and/or the community forums permanently but I would take a long break away just to digest and recover from the shock of losing what I consider one of the greatest video game characters ever created. The game and any future seasons would never be the same for me. I can honestly foresee myself going through the 5 stages of death (Kübler-Ross model: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance) before coping and moving forward. I actually went through it before when Lee died in Season 1. Took a long time before accepting it.......

So would you leave the game/community forums if your favorite character (i.e. Clem, Kenny, etc...) dies?

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