• I don't know why they do acheievements for episodes that they didn't even do yet.For the walking dead,they put them on the week before it comes out.

  • Yeah, i think episode 4 will be the neatest episode in this series!

  • Better question is why they put achievements in to these games?

  • yeah it seems that they are doing Bigby's back story. two of the achievements are "belly full of stones", "what big eyes you have" - both are hints to RED RIDING HOOD. "a severe case Lycanthropia", "New York land of enchantment"...oh boy what is going to unlock those? "New York land of enchantment" - sounds like we might met the witches that do the glamour.

    • Thanks for the theory it was nice i dont know maybe Nerrisa can be in glamour and she run a little bit of it and the eyes show maybe bigby gives this question cuz the picture is Nerrisa with out eyes maybe or she with big alien eyes or something.

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