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Black Screen Question

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I bought all of season 1 on my iPhone since back then it was compatible with an iPhone 4. Now I have all of season 1 and 400 days on my phone with all of their data completed. Season two is designed for iPhone 4s and up. What would you recommend a fan with an iPhone four do in this situation? Will I have to pay all over again on Xbox or Mac since the iPhone is no longer compatible? That seems like a waste of time and money. Can I transfer my files to an Xbox or Mac or even an upgraded iPhone? Telltale, you've backed me into a corner here. I have been a loyal fan, but why would you offer season one on a four and not season two? Have I wasted my time and money on you? Now whenever I turn on my season two game, which I purchased and played episode one successfully on, I get a black screen. Please help me resolve this in some way. Thank you.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately there is no way of transferring your saves from your Season One application on your iPhone 4 to another platform. If you are experiencing an issue with a black screen on Season Two, can you please clarify what platform you are currently playing The Walking Dead: Season Two on?

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