• I'd rather have a clear ending that clem survived, than a maybe its just a dream or she's dead thing. If the ending is just her continuing her journey then that is okay with me, however I really hope someone else lives too maybe even determinant.

    To answer your question the group I want clem to be with at the end. (that I see actually being possible and I am open to it just being a one of many endings thing)

    Clem, Luke,Nick,Christa and Sarah. Maybe even Christa is taking care of Rebbeca's baby.

  • I'm not sure any of the current group will survive except for Clem to be honest :/

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  • I think that Clems gonna have to go through the Lee thing again, only this time its Luke or Kenny

  • I can't really say for sure, but I think Clem is going to survive, and probably Rebecca's unborn child. TT already got rid of a baby, I doubt they'll pull the same card again. If they do, I'm sure it'll be pretty depressing, and we'll be there to see it this time instead of it happening off-screen like with Christa's.

    I'm hoping that Christa, Nick, and Sarah will survive. Pretty sure that Carlos, Alvin, Sarita, and Troy will be offed somehow. I'm really certain that either Sarah or Carlos is going to die, and one of them will be completely broken by the death of the other.
    The rest... I dunno. Carver will likely die since he's the antagonist, but I doubt he'll be going anywhere for a few episodes, he was only just introduced. I have a feeling that TT is gonna go a different route with his character than just the typical tyrannical dictator, that would be way too similar to the Governor anyways..

  • That's an interesting ending scenario, though I fail to see how the dreamlike scene could be taken as reality. Optimism has nothing to do with it, it just wouldn't make sense.

    Keeping in line with your idea of her blacking out from exhaustion I personally think a better idea from an ambiguous perspective would be:

    She hears a familiar voice calling her name even in her vegetative, lethargic state. It's morphed and muffled slightly so we can't make out exactly who it is. We see her eye lids start to peel open (from a first person view point) and they reveal a bright blue sky with soft clouds rolling in from one direction pushing small white snow flakes across the screen. The trees around her loom over like they're about to fall and bury her beneath their mass. The depressing nature of their shadows are only overcome by the bright backdrop of yellows and reds from the setting sun. We hear her name called again, stronger, closer, clearer. It's Luke/Christa/Kenny/etc. We hear the footsteps in the hardened snow ice. The shadow of an arm crosses the ground. And as her eye lids completely open... they snap shut again.

    Fade to black.

    Long, noticeable, deep exhale

    In the blackness and silence. "Hey, Sweet Pea."

  • Clem, Sarah, Luke,Nick,Bonnie and Carver. I do not like anyone else. I would like to see Lily and Molly show up at some point.

  • Clementine and Luke.

  • Clem, Kenny, Molly, Lilly, Christa, Luke, Nick, Sarah, Sarita, you know what.... Everyone!

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