• I like the idea of a game governor, who is way more interesting than the original one so far.

    I like Carver's character, he's a prick, but a prick that knows how to get respect and make people fear him.

    But I hate his guts for Alvin and Walter :(

  • Carver isn't a good guy, but that doesn't mean he can't have redeeming qualities.

    For example, he is willing to do ANYTHING to make sure his (I know we don't know for sure, but he thinks its his) unborn child is safe (in his opinion).

  • He's a bad guy, definitely. The hostage scene, him murdering Walter and (possibly) Alvin, torturing Carlos in front of his daughter, who was screaming and crying for him to stop hurting her dad, and the way he acts towards the cabin group confirms that he's a ruthless prick. He pistol whipped a child. Don't know how you can possibly defend any of that. Yes, he has 'eye for an eye' morals, but that isn't exactly something to be commended anyways. Murder is inexcusable.

    My guess as to why people like and defend him? I think people want him to be different than your average despot, with redeeming qualities. The villainous dictator trope been pretty overused in games, not to mention it's a bit unrealistic that a person could be 100% evil all the time.
    It's.. nice? I suppose that he'd go to such lengths to keep his unborn child safe, but he has no consideration for the will of the mother, Rebecca. And even though it hasn't been confirmed yet, I wouldn't be surprised if their relations weren't consensual. I hope it's not true, but Rebecca seems to despise him, and so far no reason has been given to why she would ever associate with a man like him, so.

    Just my two cents.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    Carver is love, Carver is life.

    I do know he's a piece of trash, though.

  • Carvers a nice guy.... Shooting guys in the head, hitting children, throwing guys off roofs and bashing a guy until he looses his eye.. Yea im sure he's a nice guy.

  • I love Carver´s character, but a good guy? ...lol no.

  • I liked Carver and I hated Troy... he's a pedo

  • His voice is HOT. That's all I can say about Carver.

  • We don't know if he was a good guy before the apocalypse, but...

    After hitting Carlos several times, broke 2 of his fingers in front of his daughter, murdered Walter and Alvin (Determinant), pistol whipped Clem and then pointing a gun at her face (Determinant, then slapped Clem (Determinant) and making Carlos hit his own daughter and saying Clem would get a slap too if she didn't shut up, after that he murdered Reggie because of some berries, and then he beat down Luke and Kenny, and pointed a gun at the rest of the group and would put a bullet in the baby if they would leave with his child again.

    -So, he was not a good guy after the apocalypse.

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