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Your Top 5 most emotional moments in gaming? FULL OF SPOILERS

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Whether it evokes anger or sadness this is tribute to when writers get it right

Do a description of the scene then go through step by step your mind-set as you progressed through whole scene and your thoughts?

Tried being honest as possible to everything I felt don't care how look just what felt or thoughts I was having during event

Walking Dead Feels

Duck and Katjaa Deaths:

Basically in this scene duck has been bitten and the decision has come to put him down before becomes a zombie.

The train was moving was just shock and anger I felt my little robin duck has been bit but also I had fear he could turn at any time and attack katjaa I was on edge. The train stopped the decision came to shoot duck I asked katjaa to do it as didn't want child's life on my conscience. Katjaa went into the woods "BANG" it's been done I was saddened but relieved it was over what I saw haunts me to this day. Bodies of duck and katjaa dead this shook me to my core as didn't think game would mess with such serious a issue as suicide and felt at fault for not shooting first like I killed them then looked at Kenny his whole future just disappeared in a single bang. Realization hit home then knew this game wasn't frightened to do anything my fear intensified for rest of the game and never forget the decision to not shoot first haunted me for the rest of game I felt at fault it hurt me so much deep down.

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Clementine Nightmare.

I was on train stressed and on edge after what happened to duck. I was just daydreaming to myself. Next thing I was being attacked my fear rose quick press something qte to save myself. All happened so quickly then looked up "OH GOD NO" not Clem tempted to switch off my console as felt this went too far for me. WHAT, WHO, HOW suddenly popped into my head actually shaking everything was happening so fast to much information to take in. Then was over I took deep breath I still shocked at what happened. Then looked at Clem and I smiled my little girls ok never had happier moment in gaming or quicker switch of emotions.

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Lee Bite

Clem went missing so lee went find her result of searching got bitten by a zombie.
I was stressed clem was missing we were so close to happy ending I wanted for her one second she’s in front of me next she’s gone. I was angry at my group for not protecting her and letting her just walk out door. Then I searched the bins and was attacked by a zombie kneejerk reaction quick do something qte I win "oh that was close" I said to myself. Lee checks his arm I see a mark "WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE" Lees the hero and Clem's lost this would never happen probably just did that earlier somehow I hoped. Then hit home it was a zombie bite BUT NO this can't happen I said to myself we need clem and a happy ending. A tear came to my eye everything seemed to move in slow motion with shock my brain physically would not allow me to accept what just happen as a reality. Decision time I decided to tell group as now lost my life and clem nothing else to lose and I needed help so just gave all my hope to the group I lead.

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Clem and Lee Final Goodbye

Clem after lee blacked out takes lee inside a warehouse and helps him walk but Lee drops against the wall unable to get up as result of a zombie bite.

My first reaction was GET THE FU** UP LEE this is not how this ends. Then realization hit home how ignorant I was I never had a chance the minute I was bitten it was game over my eyes started watering.
All I see before me was an innocent little girl from the treehouse defenceless my only mission was to protect her from day one and I failed her. "LEE GET UP" Clem shouts. How could tell her I would give the world to get up and I failed her. Dialogue choice appears "I WILL MISS YOU CLEM" millions of things wanted to say them 5 words explained them all just beautiful. I chose Clem not to shoot me didn't want her to waste a bullet and have my life on her conscience. Deep down also hoped lee with jump up any moment or somehow survive and have the perfect ending. The past didn't flash before my eyes but the lose of a future never being able to protect clem or give her the perfect life missing all the adventures my feels were at maximum perfect ending.

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Death of Faith

I was introduced to the world of Bigby my first job to investigate a noise upstairs. I could hear screaming yes in this game I was going to be the hero. What I saw shocked me hitting a girl is a biggest no-no in my book and my rage was uncontrollable qte event fight with woodsman. He starts calling the poor girl a stupid Bit** after what he did. I said to myself you call that girl a bit** again I'm going to kill him the first chance I get if comes to a decision my rage went up a another level. I ended up outside he was choking me. I was about to turn and die next thing "BANG" faith saved my life. She started hitting him then robbed him I thought to myself this girl such a badass. I found myself getting really down and upset after all drama died down looking at this girl all the bruises I was to late I failed generally it really upset me. I gave her matches because she was clearly upset after all that just happened. I Felt bad but I asked who do you work for. She changed subject telling me about her ribbon. I could clearly see this girl lacked self-esteem she was full of bruises and clearly distressed so I didn't pursue and just said YOUR RIBBON IS BEAUTIFUL. Faith will remember that. I smiled to myself after seeing this so glad made her happy. Gave her the money and off she went I finally found the clem of the game the girl who was battered and controlled by a such evil world she was helpless knew I could save her she will never be abused or hit again I said to myself. I get awoken by news of death. I was so excited and rushed snow through the hall. Then saw it my heart dropped and put my hands on my head it was awful the pain seeing Faiths head she wasn't just killed but mocked like this after being killed my sadness turned to anger I turned into evil Bigby whoever did this I will find and kill. All my later decisions were influenced as a result of her death perfect writing

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Snow I'm not yours to lose

Devastated by the death of snow really upset me the more I tried to help the more people were dying I felt hopeless and angry at how the investigation was progressing getting I was getting further from the truth. Next thing there she was I was smiling SNOWS BACK so happy I taught I lost her. I taught be scene where snow tells me about what happened and Bigby and snow would really connect. Then asked snow what happened thought I lost you and response I got was so cold it would freeze the fires in the depths of hell "IM NOT YOURS TO LOSE" Must of been some wind that blew in my window it was like a clean smack across the face the pain I felt. She was angry at me after all the hurt her death caused the rejection confused and upset me. Superb writing

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Thanks for reading apologise for grammar I have dyslexia

Know very long and probably could done 3 minute thread like usually do but I’m passionate about gaming and this always wanted to do and want to know for users what was going through their head in each scene and how they felt tried even if I look bad to be as honest as possible never an emotional person just some games come along ever know and again which I really connect with in a big way can't help it might sometimes refer to character as me or I but that's because so into what happened like explaining it that way.

If you like it will be expanding to more emotional moments for me

  • The last of us ending and Ellie runs away scene (Joel and Ellie discussion in house) plus daughter dying scene at start
  • Red dead redemption ending john’s death
  • Bioshock infinite ending
  • Arkham city ending
  • Kenny and ben death scene
  • Kenny return scene episode 2
  • Toad and toad Jr investigation scene
  • And more

Anyway lol not sure how this will go down but anyway Your TOP 5 most emotional moments in gaming try describe the scene and how felt just because if someone never played it really set the scene and they can understand your thoughts in the game

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