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How were you guys introduced to The Walking Dead?

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I know that there has most likely already been a thread like this but I am still very curious. I found out about TWD from the TV show, after hearing about it all the freaking time. I loved it.Then i found out that the TV show was based of a comic series. Eventually I bought the first volume and got pissed at the TV show for being nothing like the comics. A little while after that I found out that Telltale was making a Walking Dead game. I had played Telltales Jurassic Park game and thought it was amazing. (even if it kinda sucked looking back at it.) So I got the first episode a few days later when it released. One of the best gaming related decisions Ive ever made.

Note: Ima just give a thumbs up to everyone. Cause i can.

  • I think it went, show first, then saw the game on steam (decided to get season 1 after it was done and on sale...), then finally decided to read the comics...

    A complete aside, I'm coming to find a like the characters in the show based on the shows I've (Bob Stookey was nothing in the comics, but he was a main character in the first season of 'The Wire,' Tyreese was in 'The Wire' too; Abraham, in addition to being a character I really liked from the comics (which I got into about the same time he appeared on the show) is played by one of the main characters of 'Southland.'

    Damn, I watch too much TV...

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    I got the game in the 2012 Christmas steam sale, before playing i knew nothing about The Walking Dead so i went into the franchise blind, it was one of the best purchases i ever made, after that i started watching the show and then read the comics but i feel that the game is the best out of the three.

  • I learned about TWAU on a youtube comment and then realized that I had already played 'Jurassic Park' by the same developers and then decided to give it a try.

    I loved TWAU episode 1 and wanted more Telltale and bought TWD episode 1

    Best desicion of my life

  • Started with the graphic novel Book 1 (Days Gone By) at the comic store and thought it would be a good read. From there I followed the comics monthly and then the TV series. When the game came out I tried it out just to see what it was all about and it ended being the greatest game i've ever played. Impacted me so much that I came out of Message Board retirement just to hang out with fellow fans. Now i'm waiting to see what's next.

  • I had actually never heard of The Walking Dead at all, the comics, nothing. I saw on the Rockstar Social Club someone talking about it around the time of the release of the Undead Nightmare expansion for Red Dead Redemption. So I watched the first episode, and actually saw Undead Nightmare commercials aired which made me laugh, and I really enjoyed it. So I kept watching every week, and slowly all of my friends would show up every Sunday to watch, and it just became tradition. Naturally when I heard about the game I got it right away, and that is a decision I definitely don't regret.

  • I didn't know anything about The Walking Dead, only that it was a show that my friends watched. I figured ''Why not?'' and took a look at it, and it sucked. I unfortantly watched one of those boring episodes and never took a look at it again.

    Next thing i know, there is a game about The Walking Dead wich is dialogue based, i was like ''No way this is gonna be a thing''.
    Then it recieved game of the year and i was extremely surprised and had to check it out, i bought it and played it and it was totally amazing.

    I remember going to school after playing episode 2 and saying to my friend ''God this game is so good!''.
    Then after i finished episode know. Feels. ;(
    Since then i've been reading the comics and staying on the forums, buyed Season 2 on the pre-order, did not regret it, and here i am.

    I can safely say this is the best game i've ever played, i got hooked up on the zombie genre and played the whole game lots of times.

    • Yeah, I remember I had a friend at school who couldn't play them game, so i would tell him what happened after every episode. When i told him that Lee was bitten in episode 4, i think he died a little bit inside. And then after episode 5 i told him Lee had died, the look on his face was so priceless. But yeah it was still sad. Not really relevant but i still wanted to share this.

  • Well, I always kinda knew about the show...

    I found out about the game from youtube. Cryotic to be exact.

  • I always heard/read many good things about the game. But just started playing since Episode 1 was available for free at the Xbox store.

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