Choosing Weapon At The Lodge

While defending the lodge from the walkers and after Clem fails to shoot one walker with a rifle and gets knocked back, there are two weapons to choose from to kill the walker with.

In the heat of the moment, did you go for Matthew's knife or tried to shoot again with the rifle?


  • The Rifle! It did remind me of badass Pete! " A Rifle gonna blow you on your ass! "

  • I think I went for the knife. That battle under the picnic table was good fun. Not really.

  • knife, always the knife, they are a lot cooler than guns

  • Rifle. I actually thought Clem could fire it.

  • [removed]

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    I chose nothing. Lee protected me.....

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  • The knife, shame clem left it, was a cool weapon

  • yeah, i was screaming ... TAKE THAT KNIFE WITH YOU, DAMMIT

    The knife, shame clem left it, was a cool weapon

  • I think Carver has it when ever he's beating down Carlos... The knife he put to his neck looked like it..

    The knife, shame clem left it, was a cool weapon

  • The rifle for a few reasons. The first is Clem cant really use the knife immediately because she cant reach high enough to hit its head, the knife is impractical for her. Second, the rifle might knock her on her ass, but as long as she aims straight to begin with, she can still get the kill. Third, I thought we were going to be forced to retreat afterwards and the rifle would have been a lot more useful, could have switched with Carlos for his pistol. Was a bit puzzled when Clem just decided to leave it there on the ground afterwards.

  • i went with the rifle. the knife is a nice weapon, but the rifle has more use in the current situation. even if she can't fire it well, it still works as a blunt instrument with a longer range than the knife. the knife made more sense for her to actually kill with, and is a more practical item to hold on to, but in the moment, i felt the rifle had a better chance of dropping the walker, even if it didn't kill it, and she should get used to using the thing.

  • You see, it's the slow knife... the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones... that's the knife that cuts deepest.

  • I didn't have time to think, I just took the first one I saw. It happened to be the rifle

  • Rifle because I figured everyone probably chose knife and I wanted to do something different

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