Season 3 ideas....

One night i was thinking about how is Season 2 is going to end, i ended up coming up with something but i kept it to myself. Because of the lack of things to discuss i decided to share it. Also thanks to @Slither29 for helping name the main villain of this story.
Note:Alot of text coming in a sec

So i think that Season 2 would end with Clementine and you're group that survived ending up finding a safe place.

You would start Season 3 with a new character years after the apocalypse, the survivors finally took control of the situation and now are holding out in a gigantic base in Welligton.
But the people from this place ended up making Wellington way too political, people wanted a leader and did not accept a democracy. Until a rebellion happened and everything went to shit. The place was not safe anymore, gangs ruled everything and a woman name Serena took over and is now the current leader of Wellington. But instead of trying to rebuild the city she ended up turning people into slaves to hunt for food and suplies for the city. That's when you come in, the new character.

You are one of the slaves, you're family was killed during the war for power and now you are in hunt for food. Otherwise you will be executed. one day, you decide to try to flee but you are caught in a trap with you're friends.

You go to the city hall to be decapitaded, until a group of people quilcly start shooting every Wellington soldier in there, and grab you and you're friends that survived.

You are taken to a secret place below Wellington and you meet this rebel group that wants to end Serena's tirany. You then say: ''Where the fuck am i?''

A voice is heard from the other side of the room: ''Language!'' it's Clementine, the leader of the

Clementine is now a 19 year old woman, she tells you she was one of the original people that helped Wellington be a big community, but the wars destroyed all that work. She then shows you her group of rebels:

Kenny: Now a 52 year old man. He is one of the oldest survivors known to be alive right now. He lost his leg during the wars but still suports the rebel group even without going to the battlefield

Luke: 29 years old. Luke helped to create the rebels. Him, Clementine and Kenny have had great story's togheter and the 3 of them are great friends.

Bonnie, Russel and Eddie: The only 400 days survivors. After watching their friends die in the hands of Carver\Serena, they are going to do anything to help the rebels. Bonnie came back to her senses, when years ago, Carver killed Vince in cold blood during the first great war of the apocalypse.

Hundreds of other people: Just everyday people that are tired of (Nameless woman) tirany.

Clementine show's you the Hall of heroes, where you can see a picture of a unkown man with a tie, and his parents and brother. Lots of pictures of family's that lost their lives in the wars, including yours.
Clementine asks you if you want to be a part of the Rebels. And bloodthirsty for revenge you say ''Yes''.

The second great war is about to begin....

Clementine teached most of the survivors how to shoot and they had suplies of their own. The rebels were planing to atack the main military points of Wellington. With no Soldiers Serena would not be able to fight back.

Luke had mentioned someone they wanted to find to help them before the attack and Clementine had her contacts as well. Before they started a war they would need help.
Clementine and Luke went to the woods where a old friend named Nick lived. Clementine trusted you to go with Kenny to find Molly in the prision of Wellington.

On the way to the prision Kenny tells you about his old friend Lee and his story with Molly.

''I honestly barely rememer that woman, i don't leave the rebel base very often, this foot made of wood barely gets the job done. Clementine told me Molly was a resident here in Wellington, but got arrested when she tried to leave.''

Meanwhile in the woods Clementine and Luke find Nick in his old cabin. After the war with Carver,Nick decided to live in peace in his uncle's old Cabin with a woman he met Marlene, they fell in love and took the chances of having a baby in the apocalypse. Luke and Clem get there and explain the situation to their old friend. Nick refuses the offer of war, because he now had to take care of his son Peter.

You and Kenny save Molly and the rebels are ready to strike...

The rebels split themself's, they silently destroy each of the main military bases. Molly goes trough the rooftops giving signals to attack. As the bases are gone they proceed to the City hall.
Serena is drinking wine, a extremely rare drink that her slaves found for her, she hears shooting and tells her assistant Nate, who was promissed the best women of Wellington to help Serena on ruling the city. The shooting continues Luke is shot in the head. His friends try to help him, but it was too late. You and Clementine enter in Serena's room.

Nate ponts a gun at you, you point a gun on Serena and Serena points a gun at Clementine. Clem shoots Serena in the hand, and before Nate can react he's shot in the chest. The rebels enter the City Hall. They made it! They defeated Serena. But on a smart move, Serena shoots Clementine on the back! Kenny rushes to see whats going on and is shot in the shoulder. Nate comes back as a Walker and eats Serena alive.

They grab Clementine and make her lie down in a desk, one of Wellingtons doctors comes to threat the wound.
After a long time waiting a person comes out of the room. Clementine is fine, she just needed to rest now.

Wellington the ghost town was now ruled by Clementine. Who tried her best to bring peace to the Comunity of Wellington. And that's were you lived until the end of you're days.

The end.


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