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How would you feel if Luke died?

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A lot of people really like Luke. Including myself. How would you feel if he died? Who would you want to look after Clementine?

  • I wouldn't feel sad about it. For now, I don't feel attached to Luke, so should he die now, I'll be like: "Oh, well."

  • I would be sad because he is nice and seems To actually care about Clem and he is my favorite new character well a tie between him and nick. While I think Clem can look after herself I wouldn't mind if luke or heck even Carlos looked after her I say Carlos because he is a father and seems to be starting to care for Clem in a fatherly way plus Clem could always use a friend in Sarah even if she is a little umm overprotected or sheltered I guess would be the right word. I would Say kenny because he is my is one of my favorite characters but something seems off with him

  • I'd be so sad!! I love Luke too!! A lot of people don't really like him (is it because you guys just don't like his character and think he's boring?) but I love Clem and Luke's whole brother/sister relationship and would be pretty bummed if he died. I don't know, I might cry depending on how he died or how much I like him or the situation. However if he did die, no doubt I'd want Kenny to look after Clem.

  • I want Clementine to look after herself. As for Luke, I would prefer he lived, but I was more attached to Uncle Pete. I could deal with it.

  • Dead Luke would make me happy. Lol. He's just wayyyy too nice.

    • He's too nice so he should die?

      • It's not that. He just rubs me the wrong way. I like all the rest of the cabin group, just not him. It sucks because the game is building him up vs Kenny and he's like the main guy. To be honest, Luke, Bonnie, Carver, Kenny, and Vernon are my five least favorite characters.

  • To be honest, I'd feel cheated. I want to have the chance in getting to know Luke better. We know so little about the cabin group, and besides Nick and Kenny, he's the most interesting character in my opinion. I feel very attached to those three.

    But if he does end up kicking the bucket, I guess I would have to say I'd rather have Carlos take care of Clem. He has become protective of her, and as long as she could still manage to be independent under his wing, I believe they would work well together as a father-daughter relationship.

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    Lori-Grimes BANNED

    He's irritating and clingy. I much prefer Carlos, he seems more level headed.

  • I'm not super attached to him, but I would be upset regardless. He seemed like an OK guy and was fun to be around. I don't think he's dead though, going in guns-blazing Rambo style while everyone was being held hostage would be a dumb idea, and all he has is the machete anyways. So I think he was smart and got out of there. We'll probably see more of him later, I don't think he gave up on the group.

    Anyways.. I guess Carlos or Kenny, or Christa if Clem manages to find her. I know Carlos is preoccupied with Sarah, but he does show some signs of warming up to Clem in EP2. And he acknowledges that Clem is still a little girl and can't do everything herself, something which Luke didn't really put much thought into. Not the best person to take care of Clem but the best out of the group she's currently with, I think. Nick is too immature, Alvin is determinant and is gonna bite the dust soon, and Rebecca's pregnant, so...

  • Seeing as how Luke is basically Omid 2.0, I'd probably feel the same as how I felt after Omid died. "Goddamn it. I liked him. Clem liked him. He was a funny guy...Oh well, at least Christa's still alive."

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