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My opinion on the quote.

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"What's the most important thing in this world? What's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles just to get back ?" - Luke

I don't thing I completely agree that it's family. In normal world, yes. But in that apocalypse, I'm pretty sure it's safety. Just look - all of the groups sooner or later move in search of safety/more safety.

  • Well, if you think about it, no one is completely safe in this world.

  • Actually, the whole Walking Dead universe revolves around family. People killing themselves at the horrors of their family dying and turning into walkers. Without family then what is there to live for? See here's the order I find logical, if you have family THEN you would look for safety to keep your family safe, but if you're alone then why would you look for safety? Think about it. The world is screwed and there's no hope for it going back to normal so that motivation is out the window. The only thing you have to look forward to the next day is the hardships of surviving when killing yourself would be so easy and would end the pain and suffering you're currently going through. I find family or if you want to generalize then loved ones is a lot of people's motivation nowadays and overall would be during the apocalypse.

    • I agree. Family is the only thing that keeps us sane in this world anymore, the only thing that keeps us going.

      • It's just how we were raised and is how our society is. Obviously not everyone is going to be pro-family and would probably welcome a post-apocalyptic scenario where they can finally find tranquility by being all alone.

    • Yes, but you wouldn't want to start a family in apocalypse ? Also, I disagree with not looking for safety when you're alone. Everybody wants to be safe, it's in our genes to look for safety. Except if you're depressed suicidal person, then safety wouldn't be your first priority...

      • I bet that's what a lot of people did at the beginning of the apocalypse, but then you start to realize as time goes on. There is no safe place. Nothing is forever and is bound to go to shit sooner or later. I think Nick summarizes it perfectly, "What's the point? We'll just march to some new place and somebody else will die. It's never gonna stop. And eventually it'll be our turn."

        • Yet people still go and look for it, never stopping.

          • Because they have family. You see what I did there?

            • I do, yet you have to admit that these two thing are very close to each other. As I said to Viva-La-Lee, they're all looking for safety for their families and themselves. It's kind of a circle, don't you think ?

              • Well, if you say safety, Luke does say that you're close. It's not like he says "YOU'RE DEAD WRONG! Try again!" Nick didn't care about safety and was about to give up until you said that Luke and the others were like family to him. A lot of the characters rely on family for motivation. Rebecca with her baby, Kenny replacing his family, Luke getting attached to Clementine and treating her like his sister, Clementine searching for Christa, etc.

                • I'm not sure all of these examples are valid. Rebecca and her baby are family, but others aren't really. They're close, but they're more like friends-allies. Clem just met Luke, don't think we can call them brother-sister yet. Clem searching for Christa is, in my opinion, trying to save the past - atleast a little part of it. Christa is the only survivor besides Clem from the old group. Clem would be really sad to lose her completely. Of course, now Kenny is here, but still...

                  Anyway, that's not the point of the discussion. My final point is that family may comes first if you already have it when apocalypse starts, though it's really closely tied with safety. If you don't have a family, you put safety/food first.

                  • Well your attitude about survival changes drastically right when it starts and after almost 3 years since it started. I think Luke means at that time and place not when the apocalypse started. Of course your family could die when the apocalypse started and you want to live, but after awhile it gets monotonous.

  • I agree that safety is the most important thing in the survival sense. But as intelligent, social mammals we are, family, in blood or not, is generally necessary for our mental well being. Even a group consisting of only random individuals can be considered as a family. They are usually our motivation to keep on going, and we need others to keep us above our basic animal state. For instance, what would be the point in staying alive if you're just going to be alone? Perhaps this was what Luke was thinking when he said that. Like he mentioned, in the end, even gangs want that.

    "It's a tough world out there without people you can trust."

    Of course there will always be a few that could still fair well without interaction, but they wouldn't be exactly human anymore without humanity to keep them grounded. I wouldn't want to run into those types, that's for sure.

  • What happens if you choose one of the other options, does Luke agree with whatever you say, or is family always the 'right' answer?

    • Family is always the right answer, if you answer differently he just rephrases the question in another way until you get it right. I only picked two of the choices in different plays, I'm not sure what he does when you don't answer twice.

  • I said it was food after Clementine experienced season 1 episode 2 "Starved for Help".

  • I'd have to disagree op. They all really want safety yes, but who have we met (with a family) who would abandon their family for safety? None that I can recall.

    • Yet they're all looking for safety, right ? Though in this case, it's really close to each other - they're looking for safety to protect their families and themselves, so... Don't know which comes first.

      • Family does. We've seen people but themselves on the line for people not even family, which would be made only more so prevalent by blood. Yes they are all looking for safety, but they are also all looking for water and food and shelter and ways to create fire and many other things. Family still comes first.

        • Only if you already have it. If you don't, but you want to have family, you're going to put safety first, then food.

          • Well people you consider family doesn't necessarily have to be blood relatives, and even people that are alone initially almost always value family higher than their own safety. Look at Michonne and Daryl in the show, and the extent Lee went to to protect Clem.

          • Not necessarily, but that's besides the point.

            You were talking about Lukes quote and in which he said 'get back' so it is already prevalent.

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