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What do you think of Sarita?

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I honestly don't think Kenny should've gone and gotten another lady. It's disrespectful to Katjaa and Duck. He's happy, and I'm glad he is, but it just doesn't seem right.

  • Well it has been a few years and he is
    Only like 40 he has to move on. Besides it's not
    LIKE kenny just forgot about them if house divided is anything to go by it shows he thinks about them all the time

  • You gotta do what you can to get ass.

  • He needed to move one, plus it's been awhile since they died. I can't help but feel like she's just a distraction for him though. I mean he's obviously not over Katjaa and Duck. "Pass me the salt Duck" or something like that.

  • Kenny obviously isn't as happy as you think he is. He cares alot about Sarita and maybe he even loves her, but by the looks of it, Sarita is just a sort of replacement for Katja to Kenny and Clem is a replacement for Duck. Kenny still couldn't fully move on and forget about the past, he may be acting like he did, but he is still in pain and sorrow over what happened.

    And how is Loving another women disrespectful to Katja and Duck? Both of them are dead more than 2years now! Not to mention that Sarita saved Kennys life and stoped him from becoming insane out of pain and sorrow!

    Anyway...i like Sarita alot, she seems like a Katja 2.0 to me. But that's makes me fear, that she won't survive very long.

  • Sarita seems to be just a replacement for Kat in Kenny's mind. I feel like she's gonna die soon and set Kenny off

  • She nice but my general thoughts about her are...well...meh

  • I'm fine with Sarita, though I'd like to see more of her character before I decided on whether I like her or not.

    I'm hoping that Telltale don't turn her into Katjaa 2.0 and have her killed off to give Kenny more development in the story, at least give her some characterisation and screentime to make her stand out more.

  • She has potential. Let's remember we've barely gotten to know her. Hopefully episode 3 will change that.

  • I think, to Kenny, she's just a replacement for Katjaa. Overall, she seems friendly and has a maternal vibe to her. Her and Katjaa are weirdly alike, actually. Anyways, Kenny's gotta move on from Katjaa someday. Besides, I think she would want her husband to be happy and not be stuck in eternal despair over her suicide. Same thing with Duck.

    I hope she doesn't get killed off in the next episode, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I want her to stick around and be a positive figure to Clem, even if only for a little while.

  • She's Katjaa to him. The two are very similar. It's just like when he calls Clem Duck, and gets so upset about the thought of her moving on with the new group. He has never fully accepted his family's death and is now recreating it the best he can.

    God only knows what'll happen to him if Sarita dies or if Clem outright rejects him... he's right at the breaking point.

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