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The new Playing Dead

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I'm making this thread to hear people's opinion on the second season of Playing Dead. I searched for similar threads and I couldn't find any. Don't read what I wrote if you don't want to, but share your thoughts. The main reason behind writing this is 'cause I've read plenty of complains about this and I wonder if that's just a very outspoken minority or if it's a general feeling.

I have to say I'm not hating it, but it feels different from the previous Playing Dead. I didn't know until a few weeks ago who the hell Greg Miller was and I don't hate or love him, but I was half expecting AJ Locasio to be coming back. I was already used to AJ and I really liked him as a host (definetely more than Greg Miller). To be honest, I got the feeling he didn't want to be there in the first and maybe second episode but when the game finally came out, it grew in popularity and he got to play it, that changed completely. He seemed excited and happy to have this opportunity.

Another thing is the guests. I liked Scott Porter, he seemed like a nice guy, and I was definetely interested to hear what the hell Michael Madsen was doing in The Walking Dead. However, the previous season had a lot more guests from Telltale's staff, who could better appreciate the nature of each decision and explained the thinking behind it's creation; and I was a bit pest to see an IGN critic as a guest in the last episode. I wanted to hear the interviews to the new voice actors, but they could've separated them a bit more.

So, basically, I like the new Playing Dead, but I prefer the old one. This is not whining (I hope), just saying how I feel about it. Most of all, I like AJ Locasio and, as I previously stated, i was already used to seeing him as the host. I don't mind Greg Miller, but AJ is just better.

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