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what would you do if you were in this situation?

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So your playing as Clem (as usual) and all of a sudden Eddie, Luke and Christa come out of the woods and start fighting off carver and his helpers. While Eddie unties you and your friends, Christa and Luke are in a gun fight with carver and his men. So after a couple seconds your untied but you come to find out a walker has grabbed crista and she is in a bad situation she cant get out of, a couple feet away, one of carvers men has grabbed Luke and is about to put a bullet through his brain. you look down to see a pistol in front of you with only one bullet in the chamber. Clem raises her gun, aiming in between Christa and Luke and you have only 5 seconds to choose which one to save, if you don't do it one time, both of them die.
WHO do you save?

So you have mad your choice and saved ?
clem stands there in shock, sence she just had so choose whick one to save. clem lowers her gun slowly. Luke/Christa look at you in shock realizing clem just saved there life. Clem looks to the side only to see carver pointing his gun at you with all your fiends captured again along with eddie.

So what im trying to say is that no matter what you still have to go to carvers camp. :( but you arnt going to be going with both Luke and Christa, only one of them.
and whoever you choose will effect what they will be helpful for later.


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