• Considering you have to worry about getting the baby food and clothes and it could cry at anytime. It's sad to say but survival is hard for adults can't see a baby lasting long it will probably die to a horde or get killed off screen ethier way we won't see it. Who knows maybe season 3 is Clem by herself caring for the baby

    • It will be even more difficult if they end up escaping from Carver and decide to go to Wellington. Judging by how everyone describes it i doubt a baby is going to last long in such a cold climate (adding to the clothes problem). I think for food it might be okay since Rebecca could just breastfeed it assuming she actually survives.

  • The odds are not good, that's obvious. The odds are low for a person who can defend themselves. For a baby who can't defend of even sustain themselves the odds of survival are nearly nonexistent.

    That said I think the baby should be viewed as a plot device and an idea vs an actual character. In the sense you will see no personally growth or chapter arc. It's just a thing that symbolizes everything that is good.

    • Not really: The chances of a baby surviving is about as equal as the person protecting it. The only downside is that it makes noises when it's hungry, that's about it.

      • It makes noise a lot, more often than when it's just hungry. It requires substance to survive, which it receives directly from the mother which in turn takes away from the mothers source of energy. All of which lessen the chances of not only the baby dying but also its caretaker.

        It's much more susceptible to disease and pathogens due to a weaker immune system. It can't eat like a grown person. It can't defend itself against walkers, humans, predators, or freak accidents. It can't cope with external changes like weather, heat (or lack there of), etc.

        It's chances of survival are much lower than the person protecting it.

  • At most, the baby would act as a plot device that would help to further develop the characters surrounding it. I don't see it lasting very long, and I hope there is not a great deal of forced interaction between the player and this baby.

  • Just putting this out there I know I'm gonna get hate but does anyone else want a zombie baby maybe not Rebecca's but just in general

  • I just hope that we won't have to witness zombie eating baby scene...

  • I'm genuinely curious to see what a baby would look like in this game. We've seen models for kids like Clem and Duck and basically all other age groups but we have yet to see a baby :o

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