Tavia's group is Carver's or wellington?

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Ok guys listen to this theory,Tavia's group is carver's group.I got evidence to back it up and not.

1.I don't know if this intentional but Johnny is voice by the same actor who was on the radio with Tavia ,maybe he's the one that was talking to Tavia , and probably Carver was the leader then and now but wanted Johnny to search for survivor.(Or maybe they are trying to save on voice acting)

2.Troy's voice wasn't revealed he could have at least say NOO or shit quietly when Johnny died.probably Troy is the one that was on the radio because Johnny's voice was different and TTG game wanted to keep it.Or probably thet want to hire a prominent actor for his voice.

3.Carver is actually a good guy but with violent motives .But witnessing the death of Walter and Alvin(Determinant) can not be a good guy.But stated in the interview Madsen stated that he isn't a bad guy but he a kind a guy that does everything to justify ,but it might not be canon,but he said that he didn't want to kill Walter but wanted to kill Alvin.As for now his true motive are unknown.

4.This is Bonnie guys the most calm and innocent women turns into bandit ?This claims that he is probably holding her her and Troy.In the end you can see then with a worried and sad face when complying to Carver.

5.In the teaser we can't see none of the 400 days cast probably to surprise us.and when Tavia stated that her settlement is up North and Wellington.When the group was running away they were going to North ,now Carver settlement is south cause in the teaser we can see that they were going Through the pines.The 400 days cast were settled near Gils' truck stop when Tavia came and invited them to her group up north ,she came from the north.

6.Now this is important they said that 400 days will have a big impact.The only reason you saw Bonnie with Carver because she is the only one that came with Tavia .No matter what.It seems if no one joined Tavia except Bonnie we will not see anyone from the 400 days until ep.4.There's a guy on this forum stated that the names of the 400 days cast are hidden in the files Idk if that true but he said all of them said except for Eddy and Nate Both were co-starring and they have nothing to do with joining Tavia that fellow might be telling the truth.

It was big and stupid ,I might fix the 5th one ,or someone fix it for me that might have better statement.
Comment if you have a better evidence .


  • One more thing ep3 might be big and have more story branches for obvious reasons.

  • I think Carver is evil. Obviously no one is pure evil, Carver has motives but he' still a bad person.. I also agree its likely Tavia is likely part of the community and honestly I think most of the people there are not bad people they just want safety. The 400 days people will be there as Bonnie shows however the rest of them determine on what you did in 400 days which is the reason they havnt shown up yet. (the rest dont have to be there/they just can possibly be there)

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