• Considering that he calls his group a family i'm guessing his family got brutally murdered because he lacked protection. This could explain his mentality of trying to protect those he "cares" about with a dictator/cult like leadership.

  • It's not too unlikely, it's been approximately 2 years into the ZA, pretty much everybody still alive by then has had a traumatic event that jacked them up somehow.

    I guess it's not unrealistic for him to have good qualities either, but I can't see anything likable about him right now. I think it's a bit too early to start theorizing on what hypothetical redeeming traits he might have at the moment, he was only just introduced and we still don't know much about him other than his ruthless attitude.

    • I can confirm one redeeming trait. He is willing to walk five days to get his unborn (at least he thinks it is his) child back. And he says it himself, he wants his child to be raised in a place of safety.

      • Alright, I'll admit that is a pretty commendable trait. But even though he might care deeply about the unborn baby, he doesn't have any consideration for the mother, Rebecca. Sure, he might, ahem, 'love' her, (I can't really say for sure right now if he legitimately cares about her or if he's only interested in the baby) but he doesn't have actual respect for her wishes. He kills (determinately) her husband right in front of her, while she is practically wailing out and begging for him to stop. And he goes through the effort of tracking her down even though she clearly wants nothing to do with him or his group.

        Also, I can't imagine what he'd do if the baby turned out to be not his. The chances of it being Alvin's are unlikely since Rebecca implies he's sterile, but I wouldn't put a plot twist like that past TT.

        • I honestly think the baby will wind up being Alvin', but I want it to be Carver's.

          As to respecting Rebecca's wishes, keep in mind he only kills Alvin when he is almost killed himself. Furthermore, I'm fairly sure what happened between Carver and Rebecca was consensual.

          For the record, Carver is a brutal piece of shit, but he doesn't do anything without a reason. He isn't brutal when he doesn't need to be.

          • It would probably be better for the baby's sake if the father was Carver since he's so determined to keep it safe, but I want it to be Alvin's just to see Carver have a breakdown. He's so certain that the baby is his, I think it would be interesting to observe his reaction to having his hopes crushed. He'd probably claim the baby as his own, anyways.

            I guess, but that doesn't make it right, and it's still incredibly inconsiderate and cruel towards Rebecca for him to do that. And I don't know.. so far I think the game has been pretty much ambiguous on the nature of their relationship. Rebecca does say when asked that Carver has "trouble letting go" or something along those lines, so who knows, maybe you're right. She might've only been referring to his reason for wanting to track down the group as a whole though.

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    SaltLick305 BANNED

    A better side of him that we don't know yet ? Probably. A "soft" side ? Not putting my money on that.

  • Well Carver's willing to walk miles to find Rebecca, so maybe she could be his soft spot? Maybe? Eh. Whatever.

  • I doubt that a guy who calmly shoots, enslaves, and breaks peoples fingers has a soft side.

  • I'm guessing he will have a soft side. Or at least a side we can slightly relate to. It isn't all that interesting to have a villain that you can't say 'yeah, I get that,' at least once or twice.

  • Virtually anyone capable of feeling has a soft(er) side to them -- ruthless pragmatism just overshadows Carver's.

  • I already have a respect for him. He is willing to walk for five days (and scout for who knows how long) to find his unborn child. He wants him/her to be raised it a place of safety, and he feels he can provide that best.

  • I bet he'll have a couple of redeeming features to humanize him. But "soft side" isn't what I have in mind.

  • Of course, especially his manners towards clementine in the cabin.

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