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"I saw lights"

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While I was re-watching episode 2, I thought about the idea that the lights Clem sees by the bridge may not have been Carver's group.

  • Matthew tells Luke and Clementine that he sees a group every day move through there,
  • There is no real proof that those lights were from Carver's group (or at least that I know of).
  • When you speak to Carlos, Alvin, and Rebecca at the lodge, the options were: I saw lights, Someone was tracking us, and It could've been anyone.

This just an idea and odds are it was Carver's group, but do you think there is still a possibility of it being someone else? (Perhaps characters that may be helpful later on)?

  • The theory is interesting, but I guess it was Carver's group.

    Troy and Johnny with the flashlights (Bill doesn't have to carry one because he is too boss) and Bonnie scouting (was already closer to the lodge so Clem didn't see her flashlight in the dark wood)

  • I see your point and think you may be right. also if I remember correctly didn't carver and his group come from the opposite side?

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    JonGon BANNED

    Clem does say that the lights went back into the woods, but the walkers on the bridge could of caused them to wait it out.

  • Yes! I posted my theory about this before. So

    The ski lift Clementine was standing on... lets say that is the front of the ski lodge. Now the front is facing the bridge where the lights are. However when Carver's group comes in they come from the left side. Wouldn't they come up the hill if they came from the bridge?
    The group was made up of four people, Carver, Johnny, Bonnie, and Troy. I saw only two lights yet there were four in Carver's group.

    Its not much to go one but this is what I think.

    I don't think anyone was tracking them but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't Carver's group. There isn't many people that we know that could be the lights but I suspect the scavengers. Victor (the guy who you can give water to) and Ralph (hooded black guy who was pointing gun at Christa) are the lights. Ralph's body was not seen at the river. Victor could have recovered and the 2 found each other. They don't have much supplies and decide to head north to Wellington. But then maybe they find cabin groups tracks and look for them so they can rob them since its what they do best.

    Other theory

    This would be awesome... So they say 400 day's decisions echo to season 2? Could it be Clive and Joyce? They must be in the vicinity because they were with Roman who is found dead by the river. And in Shel's story they had flashlights remember? So Clive and Joyce are heading north too perhaps. How many lights did you see? If in 400 day's you decided to kill the man and Boyd lives then is there three lights? I spared the man so Boyd dies leaving Clive and Joyce... 2 people, 2 lights. I would really like if this was the answer. What do you guys think?

    Edit: In Shel's story did anyone kill the man at the beginning? If so please tell me if you still saw 2 lights to confirm that my 2nd theory is wrong.

  • I can see how it might be someone else. But I fail to see why it would be someone else. I'm going to go with it was Carver's group for the simple reason that it fits in with the story.

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