Would you steal the supplies.

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Remember when clem stole supplies from the house. I don't know about you, but i would be a wimp and spend the night in the shed.


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    That moment when you realize Clementine has more balls than you...

    I wouldn't be able to stitch my arm up. I can't even rip a plaster of my skin without whining :D

    And I would stay in the shed too.

  • I would probably stay as well :/. In the long run I would think it would be better. In the morning your arm will be operated on by a doctor who would probably suture better than you. And the group trusts you more because you didn't steal.

  • Unless it gets infected and you get a fever and they shoot you in the head. Or you die from blood lose. Or you flat out die from infection.

  • I'd probably take my chances in stealing the supplies. But as far as stitching my arm goes, hell no! Make of that what you will.

  • I don't think Clementine was in the wrong, but I don't know if I could have managed to suture myself up.

  • Well, if I were to wait in the shed, I would probably have a fever in the morning, leading to me being shot. So yes, I would steal the supplies.

  • I would dropkick everyone and steal them :P lol but seriously not sure what I would do I want to say I would steal them but I'd probably chicken out

  • It would have been nice to see one decent man in that group come to her defense instead of acting like a bunch of cowards. If Lee or Kenny was in that group and was meeting her for the first time I can't see them not standing up for her since she's a little kid, and the importance of taking care of kids is a pretty big theme in season one. I can't stand any of the adults in season 2 because they don't treat her different since she's a kid. What's the point of just surviving in a world where you treat the kids that way? They were all scumbags or cowards who would have been at home in Crawford.

  • In that case then I would do it.

    Question: How long does it take for a wound to become infected?

  • If I was a small 11-year-old girl, yeah I would still steal what I needed to stay alive because if I got caught, there would be less chance of the group shooting me dead. Who would shoot an injured little girl (besides Nick...)?

    If I was me, however, I would probably stay put because as a kind of big dude, I would garner far less sympathy. I dunno about you guys, but if I saw a six-foot dude carrying an armful of my medical supplies out of the bathroom window, I would shoot him in the back.

  • The advantages of being a kid

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    I probably wouldn't have thought to steal the supplies and stitch myself up. That's way too risky. If one of them sees me and has a gun, he/she might just shoot me as an intruder.

    No, I would have either just tried to wait it out or I'd break out of the shed, knock on their door, and try to plead with them again to at least tend to my wounds before locking me up. Maybe gently remind them that they're about to let a little girl die a painful death alone in a shed to save on some thread, bandages, and hydrogen peroxide.

    They didn't seem like they would just shoot me if I did that. So either they fall for the [Sad Eyes] this time or they lock me up again.

  • Depends on the infection. A few hours, many hours, even days. But do you want to take the chance?

  • Didn't work the first time :p

    I'd attempt the same thing, but I'd push reasoning more than the immoral nature of their acts.

  • Funny considering you have a pregnant woman and a 15 year old with a possible disorder
    U should've remembered what chuck said your not a child or adult your alive

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    Yep I was like
    *"Well, I'll just stay here in this shed then...oh what? I'm supposed to get things for my arm? okey dokey...[gets supplies]...okay cool now what? wait...no....I'm supposed to stitch my arm?? NOPE NOPE GOODBYE I'M DONE- but I'll do it anyways...[starts stitching]...OH GOD NO I'M SORRY CLEEMMM!!!"..[finishes stitching]...........................................damn Clem, you badassss" *Seriously though, I'd just be a wimp and stay in the shed.

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