• Maybe she is being threatened by carver like everywone else.

  • When Walter is being brought into.the lodge, Bonnie looks away. She obviously feels like she did something wrong. I think she is afraid to go against Carver, as opposed to being manipulated by him. If he is willing to stalk deserters for 5 days, there is something seriously iffy about him
    I don't think Bonnie is being bad willingly. She is just terrified about what will happen to her if she opposes him.

  • Giraffehat is right on the money that's what I think too I also think carver may have manipulated her by telling her that our group is evil or something

  • I think Bonnie already feels guilty and was manipulated in some way. She only heard carver's side of the story about the cabin group (that Alvin killed George, for example). You could see the "WTF I didn't sign up for this" look when Walt gets shot.

    There will probably be a lot of good interactions with her next episode.

  • Well Bonnie appears to be the second-in-command at the lodge, I think she is a bad person, she tries to turn a blind eye to these things and probably wants to just live in denial so she can be safe.

    Now people here seem to think that just because she feels guilty about Walter dying means shes not a bad person. Feeling guilty is not enough, she also needs to be judged on her actions and inaction in these situations.

    She COULD be a good person, but her cowardice far overpowers it, perhaps she might be redeemable.

    As for Clem and Bonnie hanging out, I think its just Bonnie's task to assimilate Clem into the group

  • Bonnie seemed pretty shocked that Carver killed Walter. She has some sense of morality left.

  • I also think that she feels guilty but hides it to maintain her image to her 'boss'. When Episode 3 comes I'm hoping we will get the chance to call her out on what Walter has done for her and ask her if she really does feel any remorse for what happened to him.

  • Can we keep in mind that she probably has know Carver for a couple of months at the very least? Probably more like a year. To be honest,I wouldn't be surpirised if Carver wound up directly saving Bonnie's life at some point. Lets not forget he has given her a safe place to live for several months now. She has seen all of the good that he has done (setting up a community), and probably not much of the bad.

  • Feeling guilty won't help her when I've got my gun aimed at her head.

  • Well, I hope she is. I really liked Bonnie in the 400 Days DLC, she seemed sweet. And now she's just another thug. So there'd better be some explanation on her part for why she puts up with Carver's shenanigans. I suspect she's been brainwashed into believing Carver's "loving community" propaganda and is in denial that what he's doing is morally wrong, but I think she feels guilty because of it all under the surface.

    I definitely think there's gonna be an option to guilt trip her for not intervening when Walt was being needlessly executed, he was the nicest guy in the world and certainly demonstrated his kindness to Bonnie by immediately placing his trust in her and giving her free food even though her made-up story was so very clearly BS. There aren't a whole lot of guys like Walt out there, especially in the ZA.

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