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Season 2 is less of a game than season 1

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In season one we had some puzzles, we had exploration, we had movement. It was the true definition of an adventure game.

Season 2 is such a step back that it almost feels like an interactive novel instead of a game at this point. I am not bashing the story, or the characters or anything so before you flame me understand. i like the story, I like the characters. but the gameplay has taken a huge step back. I didn't spend 20 dollars for an interactive novel. I spent it for an adventure game that TTG has provided for the better part of their history.

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    gettingworse BANNED

    Thank god im not the only one who feels that way

    • It's like, when you are to turn off the turbine, you think that is going to be complicated, but Nooo. We just had to put the key, was like a WTF moment. At least the story is good.

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    gettingworse BANNED

    Why they even decided to go this route? I don't even understand

  • I play for the story and dialogue choices so in my opinion story outweighs gameplay

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    gettingworse BANNED

    I hope TT reading threads like this

  • At least it has more gameplay then Beyond: Two Souls.

    • I know this is a joke. But it really doesn't.

      • It wasn't a joke, I played... no I watched Beyond:Two Souls. I played The Walking Dead. Through my (AKA the player) actions I can effect to world of The Walking Dead, in Beyond, you watch a movie, and sometimes mash a button.

        • To be fair, you do affect the world to some extent in BTS. You can decide what you do at the end of the party chapter, the homeless chapter ends differently depending on if you fuck up, and you can actually save someone's life at the end of the Navajo chapter.

          The amount of gameplay wasn't what was wrong with BTS. No, BTS's problem was that ^^^all of these^^^ were part of the same disjointed, incoherent "story" that was really just random events in a girl's life shown in random order without any thematic justification.

          • The one that really pissed me off was when I told Ryan to fuck off THREE TIMES, and the game still made me kiss him at the end, FUCK THAT. You're right though those things do change, it's a shame none of it matters because of the weird timeline bullshit they implemented into the game. It's strange how Quantic Dream games have so much potential and they keep falling flat on their face. Maybe if they got a new director.

          • They wanted a pulp fiction type game. Ellen Page was the holy grail of that game. Talk about a saving grace.

  • HOPEFULLY, hopefully we will have a legit S1-like hub in episode 3!

  • my old thread

    S2E2 was 80% cutscenes and 20% gameplay

    I played S1E1 yesterday and in the first half of the episode there was already a lot more gameplay than there was in S2E2. I hope the remaining episodes don't follow this route. Now something i want to know, are the episodes made this way because the writers make them that way or is it the directors?

    • Except cut scenes are still game play in TWD, as choices are part of the gameplay so those stats make no sense.

      • That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

        • Aaaaand civil discussion's gone. How sad, we were getting somewhere here.

        • How so. Making choices is gameplay, it is a means to effect the world of the game, and requires player input, unless you want whatever choice the devs make when the time runs out. Sine most of these choices happen within cut scenes a majority of cut scenes can only be deemed as gameplay.

          • Stop taking "gameplay" too literally and see it as "amount of time clementine is controllable and able to click things on screen" Please look at the cabin scene and tell me how 96% of the cabin scene being cutscenes is acceptable.

            • Please look at the cabin scene and tell me how 96% of the cabin scene being cutscenes is acceptable.

              When you have a perfectly good environment to snoop around and a potentially interesting cast to talk to.

            • Well if you don't mean gameplay don't say gameplay. It's acceptable because those scenes are well crafted and put together, I don't mind not being able to push to stick to have Clem move, I care more about making choices since those are what really matter most. I wouldn't mind some more puzzles or whatever, but as long as telltale can keep up their high quality storytelling, and have those gameplay, choices mean something, then I don't think there is a problem.

      • Exactly don't know why everyone is complaining about less gameplay. For one I haven't noticed less gameplay and second like you said the choices are part of gameplay.but sigh you can't make everyone happy. All I know is I'm enjoying the game and that's all that matters

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      gettingworse BANNED

      Probably directors tbh

    • Now something i want to know, are the episodes made this way because the writers make them that way or is it the directors?

      I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it's a director thing not to make it as... open as S1's episodes. I think this new direction was taken after the reception Around Every Corner had.

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        gettingworse BANNED

        Around Every Corner still received positive reviews , even higher scores than S2E1 but yes s1e4 dragged out quite a bit, but "Starved For Help" length is perfect(2- 2.5 hours)

        • Around Every Corner still received positive reviews

          Aye, it did, but it didn't help that No Time Left, the most gameplay light episode followed it and was critically acclaimed. It's just speculation, but I can see Telltale going all: "Hmm... one long interactive episode was received poorly while the one with the most cutscenes was a smashing success. Make them all like this now."

          • I can see that. But i'm pretty sure the majority of people on forums and other sources sited Episode 2 of S1 to be the best episode of the season. And that one was the longest, and had as much gameplay as ep 4 IMO.

            • Oh, I'm not saying I particularly like the new direction, just speculating on why it might have gotten this way. Starved for Help was my fave, too. ;) EDIT: Also, I don't think it's altogether bad, but why get rid of some things that worked well enough last season?

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            CathalOHara Moderator

            Yeah, I thought that too. It's a shame really, Telltale haven't really been you know... Telltale since No Time Left. The linear approach worked in the No Time Left and heck, I'd even say it would work in All That Remains but A House Divided was the first missed opportunity in my book for them to have proper adventure game elements in them again. Shame too, because A House Divided was a stellar episode but that one scenario put a sour taste in my mouth.

            Sadly, I don't think there will be now neither. If A House Divided didn't have them I don't really see any future episodes having them. They clearly want to bring TWD (as well as TWAU) in a completely different direction in comparison to traditional adventure games with mini-hubs. The dialogue choices and combat have taken a forefront over exploration now. Dialogue would always take first place but I would happily trade cool fight scenes for explorable mini-hubs again. Though at the same time, I do say... why not both?

            • It's funny, I'm frustrated with A House Divided because I like it very much, but can't help but feel it could've been perfect for me. Still, I wouldn't complain if the rest of the Season turns out like this one did... at least not much. :P

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                CathalOHara Moderator

                Same here. If they keep the episodes up at the quality of A House Divided than I'll be happy-dandy. Hubs and places to take a break and have optional conversations would make for a nice tea-break though, as well as extend playtime.

        • I really enjoyed Around Every Corner. I liked how it is the longest episode to date

  • Ha, Season one "True definition of an adventure game." Season 1 we weren't going anywhere, We were just trying to Survive and figure out whats going on so exploration was important. Season Two - Were on the Move trying to go North. We don't have time to look around and explore when another groups hunting us down.

    • They did have to camp, you know? That would have made for an interesting area like the ones we are proposing, and it would be a nice callback to EP1, with Christa.

      You now have a group, you may even trust and like a couple of them, but while sitting around the fire (or just the camp, since they didn't want to attract attention) you remember your lost friend. That's some nice character interactions waiting to happen!

  • Season 2 is just rushed

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    Deceptio BANNED

    Keep in mind guys that there are still 3 episodes to go. I'm sure we'll see more exploration sooner or later.

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