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Who was being ruder at dinner

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Well Luke and Kenny did not quite kick it off at dinner. Do you think kenny said something too much, or nick and luke over reacted

  • I love Kenny but he was kind of a jerk and that Joker laugh was unsettling

  • Kenny was picking a fight for no reason. "Vanilla Ice"?

  • I love Kenny as well, but I told him off for telling Luke and Nick that I was staying with him! I was like "Woah I haven't made up my mind yet! Don't say that!" haha.

  • I'm gonna have to go with Kenny. There was already tension, he just fanned the flames. Completely unnecessary. (though I have to say, Vanilla Ice was pretty hilarious)

  • I'm a big Kenny fan and yeah, it was definitely him.

  • Kenny. Nick was just expressing his opinion in a mild way. Kenny either took it to harshly or he really needs to work on his people skills.

  • Kenny started out well enough trying to ask about the meal but then things got awkward/uncomfortable with the with peaches and beans joke. And then the whole "look like a match" comment seemed to get Nick's hackles up (I don't think that was Kenny's intent though) so when Wellington comes up he spares no time in showing his disdain for the idea. Everything snowballed from there. I think as far as rudeness goes Nick and Kenny were the worst offenders with Luke at least being guilty of not reigning Nick in (when he made the "bullshit" comment).

  • Its mostly Kenny's fault for butting in and stirring shit. The argument about Wellington is really just how Nick and Kenny are dealing with their respective tragedies. With Pete's recent death, Nick sees no hope for the future and doesnt believe in safe haven at this point. Kenny lives in a fantasy world in which he gets an idea in his head that something will work and he'll stop anything to try and get it, like his boat idea. Its the same as Kenny was in all of S1, anyone that opposes his idea, he will berate and simply disregard their argument.

    • How did Kenny stir shit (coming to sit at the table doesn't count, he's not the guest)? It's not like he can take into account Nick's tragedy since I doubt anyone told him about that. Both he and Nick could've taken the high ground with the other but neither character has that personality type.

  • i think kenny was fine. he's a bit... off this episode, but i didn't think he had said anything wrong. luke would be to blame here. he had misgivings about how people would react when they found out nick killed matthew, and it would also ruin the current meta that luke has created. everybody turns to him for the plan, and now that there's a new group sayin "hey, we're goin to the same place, and clem seems alright with you guys, you should come along." with clem and kenny having a history, he was already feeling like he was potentially losing control, and if the groups did join together, they wouldn't need luke to tell them what to do.

  • Kenny should have taken Nick's throat out with his fork before the walkers got around to it later in the episode.

    Then Nick would have been Vanilla Iced.

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