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Did ***** have the right idea all along?

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The more I see of season 2, the more I'm convinced Kenny's plan of taking a boat and ditching the mainland was the best one. The continent has become overrun with zombies, feral dogs, savage thugs, and psychotic would-be dictators like Carver.

You have to wonder if Christa was asking herself the same thing all the time she was with Clementine.

  • Never doubt the mustache, for the mustache never lies.

  • It would have made for a strange season two if the whole boat thing had worked out. "The Walking Dead Season 2 episode 1: Island Adventure". The group decides who to eat first.

  • An island is the safest place I can think of in a zombie apocalypse, for sure.

  • Nope. The boat idea was not viable for long term. They wouldn't have been able to survive by just sitting in one place off the coast fishing or something. A lot of what they'd need would have to be replenished so the risk of running into other humans would still be there when they had to make the inevitable supply runs on land.

    • when people think "Island" I assume that THEY think they're thinking of a plot of land of nothing but sand. Islands have grass and dirt y'know.. plot they can use to grow crops. Supply runs would be alot less common with that shit. Specially if they got Molly on board.

      • And if "grass and dirt" was all it took to grow crops you'd have a point. Nevermind that any island that has more than that on it will most assuredly have people already living there and all the assortment of problems that come with it. The fact is Kenny's idea wasn't exactly unique as all the boats missing from Savannah showed. It was a pipe dream that involved simply changing the location of where they'd be having problems; it was not an end to them.

  • A boat would be only a short term solution: eventually, the boat will break down.

    Islands are a longER solution, but it still has limits itself depending on the size.

    The only long term solution is to attempt to rebuild society.

  • The Walking Dead Season Two: Gilligan's Island.

  • They would have to have found some island somewhere for the boat plan to have worked. Although Kenny, being the captain of a fishing boat, could probably have found a decent place to live, the island wouldn't have had enough supplies to sustain them by itself. They would have had to have been making constant trips to the mainland anyway for supplies, which would have been difficult depending on where exactly their island was located. The plan may have kept them safe for a while, but it would never have lasted indefinitely.

  • Nah, as others have pointed out, it wouldn't have worked in the long term. There are actually some islands close off the coast of Georgia (I've been on vacation to one) but without a map or a set destination, they'd just be aimlessly floating around the sea, and the boat would break down eventually anyways. Even if they did make it to an island, supply would run out someday.

    Plus I bet a ton of other people had the same idea (all of the boats in Savannah were gone by the time Lee and Kenny made it there, so it's not impossible) and had already established groups on the islands.

  • Kenny always has 100% the right plan each time every time.

    This is perfectly obvious and people who disagree are filthy Lilly sympathizers and the enemy within.

  • I agreed with it at first. In my first playthrough, everyone (including Ben) came with me. We go back and the damn thing's gone. In my sixth or seventh playthrough, I strategically played the game so everyone would stay with the boat. I come back...

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