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Lily will be back for season two here's why...

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In season 1 when she asks Lee if him and Clem wanted to go with her you have a decision to say yes. If you do then it will say Lily will remember that. This only happens if you agree to not leave her on the road.

Plus in season 2 you get a chance to mention Lily to Alvin. Could Lily be at the camp with the 400 day's characters or Carver's group?

Maybe you will run into Lily and depending on what you did in season 1 she will remember what you did. She will be shocked Lee isn't with her/she will talk bad on Lee if you chose to kill Larry with Kenny. Clem will be upset and question her why she killed Carly. Lily will try to explain it to her.

Maybe when the Van's gas ran out she ran into Tavia's group and helped the group.

I don't know I just think we will see her again. Lily is tough and not that stupid to get bitten by a walker. Lily is a trained military personal so she has the skills to survive. She has no beef with Clem because she was young, but now that Clem's grew up they might have beef knowing that she killed Carly/Dough.

  • Wow dislikes already? I just made this wow

  • ya I don't know why your getting dislikes I actually agree we will probably see her again at least I hope so definitely would be interesting

    • you got dislikes to for no reason too XD. People on this forum can be harsh sometimes. especially the trolls who downvote everything because they don't understand a thread. Everyone's brain isn't the same which they dnt get. They expect everyone to think the same and be the same.

      • I'd say Tell-Tale's website should display menu features that should expose all the spineless cowardly down-voter's and that they no longer be held anonymous and be required to select a reason why they down voted and if they down-vote without a reason for any reason then their account gets wiped out and banned from all forums for a year minimum. Second time offense permanently.

        • @ladariel A little extreme don't you think. Some downvotes really don't need explanation(troll comments, rape, vulgarities, etc.). But I agree I would like to more often see why I'm being downvoted if there is reason, otherwise I'll just ignore it.

        • I think they should just simply remove the vote system, it's useless.

          • Can't argue with ya there. It should be. Same with other sites like YouTube and yahoo. Facebook has only likes with no dislilke option.
            ....yet at least.

  • I think we will definitely see her again at some point this season.

    • yea she's a cool character i like her even though she killed Carly. She killed Carly because she got offended and is quit sensitive. I hope she comes back. Disclaimer it's not the same lily from the show :).

      • Meh, I'm a bit neutral with her. Still can't forgive her for what she did. It'll still be interesting to see her again, though.

        • ^ This right here :)

        • Lily hated me but I would be happy for her to come back. I think that she wouldn't fight with Kenny as much now since he's lost his family too.

          • Haha, you let Kenny saltlick her dad, huh? I agree, she might be a bit bitchy at first, but after she learns about what happened, things could be different. Ooorr they could get 1,000 times worse. We'll see :P

        • I agree. I don't care for Lily because she killed Carly. It made me even madder when I saw Carly's body on 400 days. It would be interesting to see Lily return in this season but I don't think she would last long, especially around Kenny. I can her can picture her coming up with all kinds of reasons why Ken is a danger to the group just so she could shoot him.

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    UndeadEuan BANNED

    Just a little unwritten rule of the forum: if you like Lilly prepare for dislikes.

  • People on this forum are weird that's why you get downvotes.

    If you like Lilly or you talk about you have to hate her otherwise you're being downvote :D !

    BTW i totally agree with you ... I mean she had the kills to survive plus the RV.

  • I admit I am fully team Kenny and I sided with him all the time but that doesn't mean I didn't like lilly. shes not a bad person can you blame for what she did she was depressed and wasn't in the right state of mind. So hate me all you want lilly haters but I would be interested in seeing her again

  • I don't think intelligence level really plays into whether or not you get by a walker, first of all. Second, you can tell Carver your name is Carley even if you chose Doug in episode 1, so I'm not sure how much of a sign of her return I'd consider just a mention of her to be. Third, while she had the skills to survive, accidents can happen. Finally, I think it'd be a bit cheap for her to run into Tavia's group. It's possible, I guess, but for all of season 1's cast to end up in the same place would feel very forced to me. I say that because the new rumor is that Molly is in Carver's group.

  • Bringing everyone back that hasn't died will be like Shepard running into famiar faces no matter where he goes in the Mass Effect universe.
    Fun, but totally unbelievable.

    In the walking dead I think I prefer believability.

    • How is it unbelievable? It's been two years; by now, Lilly would have found the settlement if Tavia and others are recruiting. It makes sense.

      • He was talking about running in to MULTIPLE old faces. It gets ridiculous after a while. I think one more might work but it can easily get kind of silly, like in the above mentioned Mass Effect (Although I still liked that in Mass Effect. I cut it more slack on these things.)

        • Well, I doubt we'd run into many...

          Mostly because almost all of them are dead, but still.

          • If/when the 400 Days people start showing up it's going to get crowded pretty fast. :)

            The more characters there are the less time we get to spend with each one.
            Adding Lilly (or Molly, or whoever) is pushing it if you ask me.

            Besides, season one did just fine without having an earlier season to fall back on. Give the new peeps a chance to do their thing.

            • Well its still is believable as many survivors have probably heard of the rumors of the safe settlement up north and are all heading in that direction....

              • If there was only one road leading from the south to the north, sure.
                But there are so many possible routes to take it becomes very unlikely.

              • There are various other settlements though Alexandria for one and given the size of America probably dozens of others as well.

                • I dont know how big Wellington is but think about it. Christa heard the rumor of the Walkers freezing in the snow which is why her and Clem were heading towards Wellington. Im pretty sure there are more than a few to either or consider that possibility. I think some other settlements, mainly the ones down south, would consider cold weather working in their favor and head north. So seeing allot of familiar faces would be very realistic maybe in episode 5 when the group goes to Wellington.

  • We got a "Carley will remember that" literally less than a minute before she got shot in the face.

    We got the conversation about Lilly in Ep2 as a misdirect before we saw Kenny.

    Lilly worked an administrative job she hated at an army base and was a weak subhuman animal who freaked out, threw temper tantrums and killed people who were worth a damn.

    We'll probably run into Lilly again before we duct tape surgical tubing into her mouth, fill her stomach with gunpowder and gutshoot her with a flaming crossbow bolt, sure...but your argumentation is terrible.

    • Yea the whole argument fall apart when you remember Carley. We might still see Lilly but the argument for it presented weak at best.

    • You seriously have problems, son. Probably should get yourself checked out.

      • You're engaged in a gigantic block-quote discussion with IceRyder where not only is each post you make ridiculously long, but you spend the majority of it defending and making excuses for Lilly. In fact nearly all of your posts make tortured, ridiculous arguments for Lilly or attempt to draw false equivalences to make her out to be something other than subhuman garbage.

        I know you're only responding because the idea of someone harming a hair of your psychotic damsel shakes you to the core and compels you to defensive, knee-jerk mockery...but taking mental help advice from you is like taking it from a Scientologist. No offense.

        • I don't know about you guys but I feel that all Lilly fans would take offense. No offense of course.

          • No offense taken let's hang out and talk about how objectively terrible Lilly is.

            • Sorry. Sadly I am a Lilly fan. I guess we no friends no more :(. BTW you avatar is disturbing so Probably should get yourself checked out. No offense of course.

              • You're the one who's admittedly "disturbed", why should I get checked out?

                You walked right in to that one but then again you're a Lilly fan so...

                • Dead dog avatar. That's normal of course. Sorry to judge you like that

                  And so... What? So I'm a Lilly fan and all of a sudden I'm a outcast? I like one character and all of a sudden I'm seen differently? Is there a problem being a Lilly fan? I don't want to argue but all this Lilly insulting is not nice... Are you saying I'm disturbed for liking a video game character?

                  We'll probably run into Lilly again before we duct tape surgical tubing into her mouth, fill her stomach with gunpowder and gutshoot her with a flaming crossbow bolt, sure...but your argumentation is terrible.

                  That is just sick. No one deserves that. If you want to go around and do this to people you despise go ahead. I defend my opinion and you defend yours. But saying shit like that is messed up. You can say you hate Lilly but that is just sick.

                  • I'm not saying you're disturbed.

                    You said you were disturbed.

                    If my profile pic of a living, suffering, NOT DEAD dog is in your estimation "disturbing" then, upon viewing it, you're disturbed.

                    In fact you're a disturbed person right now.

                    This isn't complicated but, again, you're a Lilly fan.

                    Regardless if you think that death vignette was bad you should see the other suggestions I made

                    • Okay sorry thought it was dead. Living and suffering is worse IMO but your free to do whatever you want. Yes I was disturbed but by your disturbing profile pic. We were trying to say that you may be "disturbed" as in mental issue I'm assuming because I'm not sure I know anyone who likes a profile pic as a living suffering dog. And what do you mean by you're a Lilly fan. Is that some sort of insult?

                      Wow. you are considerably "disturbed." I am smell a Lizzy, and troll in the area. I'm going to get going now before you pour oil in my eye sockets, tie me to a wind turbine, put surgical tubing in my mouth, filling my stomach with gunpowder, firing a flaming crossbow bolt into my gut, setting me on fire and shove me in a wired barrel being rolled down a hill to be eaten by cannibals.

                      How in the hell did you get up votes....More reasons to lose hope in society. It was nice talking to you in your "crane stance"

                  • The word disturbing is often used incorrectly by English speakers. His avatar is disturbing to you, so you are disturbed by the picture. You are the disturbed in this situation.

    • Holy shit dude lol. That's a burning hate you got there.

      clicks thumbs up

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    vixvicco BANNED

    I think she'll be in the camp that the group goes to with Carver. Should be interesting.

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