Will Kenny die in Season 2?

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For those that don't know, Kenny was the one Clementine thought was dead. Do you think Kenny will survive Season 2? Or do you think he will die?
Also, who do you think will Carver?



  • Kenny can't die! He is not like the others! Jesus all of you are just making it worse!

  • This is the Walking Dead, anyone can die.

  • I can see him snapping after sarita's inevitable death and after that im not sure

  • as a huge Kenny fan I hope not but I just have this feeling he will I pray to god he doesn't though

  • Maybe he'll be determinant?

  • Yes.

    Fo real dis time.

  • Hes been around for so long compared to other characters that have been killed left and right.. if hes made it this far hes gotta go all the way.. right? Its kind of cool how him and Clem are the only original characters left (as in from S1 E1).

  • I think he is going to die sometime late in the Season, perhaps Episode 4 or 5. I can't see him surviving after everything he's gone through. And it won't be ambiguous this time, it'll be for real, and we'll know it.

  • What's the Goddamn deal? He's a little different, but we can't just quit.

  • I hope he does but I have a gut feeling we'll lose him this season somehow for real this time. Maybe through losing Sarita or something else. I just know I'll be sobbing big time.

  • I don't think so ....I mean you just don't bring back a character after they were gone awhile to kill them off again

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    Depends, since the legend tells that theres files or something for Kenny from ep. 3-5 but then again Trolltale can change their minds and kill him off whenever we are least expecting it.

  • Glad to see someone not pushing some insane or illogical theory into the mix, saying how kenny will never die and live till season 5 or something. haha.

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    Pff. Killing Kenny is so last season.

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    Kinda spoilery threadtitle.

    Also, "For those that don't know, Kenny was the one Clementine thought was dead." Writing this is completely meaningless. People who doesn't know already is certainly not gonna a read a thread with this retarded title, and people who already knows are not surprised, thus making that sentence meaningless.

  • Kenny is probably to die, but I feel like once again it will be doing something heroic. Probably even more than Ben/Christa.

    It would be so great that before he died, we could give him Clementine's drawing of his family though. That would be really sweet.

  • You obviously haven't seen my other posts.

    Kidding aside, I don't just think he'll die, I want him to. Sure, he's one of my favorites, but I don't want them to drag Kenny around for the entire series just because of "reasons" or something. He's gotta make his exit, and let the whole of the focus come back to the Season 2 cast. I'll be fairly happy with anything, so long as it's not cheap and abrupt like Omid's death.

  • Agreed, A good death to a character sometimes makes the character 10x better ironicly..

    Like Merles death in the tv show for example.
    I started to hate Kenny in my original playthrough of season 1, but his supposed death made me respect him and like him better. :P

  • Enjoy him while you can...

  • I like the idea of giving kenny the drawing of his family @Skyden64. I really like Kenny, but I'm afraid he will get killed of.. Or his newfound girlfriend, which makes Kenny snap and blame the new group for coming to find them. Something like that.

  • I'm a HUGE Kenny fan and would love him to survive but lets be honest... is living the best option for him? If he does die, i'd want it to be on his own terms.

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    Yes, He probably will.

    Alt text

    In all seriousness, I hope survives until the end of Season Three.

  • I am really unsure. I get the feeling he won't die but anything can happen in the walking dead. Lets hope for the best!

  • I don't want him to die, but this is The Walking Dead...

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    I'm really split down the middle about this. On one hand, Kenny's constant survival sort of flies in the face of Robert Kirkman's macho "anyone can die any time" dictum (which has long been proven to be bullshit, honestly). But on the other, I simply haven't grown to like any of the new arrivals in the same way as S1's cast.

    The problem lies with Telltale's characterization. When we met Kenny and his family at the beginning of the apocalypse, there was never any impression they were harbouring dark secrets. The same can't be said about Luke's group, who treat Clem like a leper before stuffing her into a shed to fend herself from another zombie attack.While we've been given a chance to get to know these new people better in episode 2, it's clear they're still keeping some skeletons hidden away in their closets. With Kenny, all the cards were on the table (so to speak) from the very start.

    If Kenny absolutely has to die this season, it should be something twice as heroic and memorable as his supposed "deaths" in season 1. But honestly, I'd rather see him become determinant in episode 4 or 5, lasting all the way through to the end depending on whether the player is a Kenny fan, or a Kenny hater.

  • Even if he does he will always get...lucky really lucky lol

  • I hope he dosent die but the only way i wauld be ok with his death is that at the very end of episode 5 he gives his life to save Clem.

  • Oh yeah, I know what you mean. For me, a good death for Kenny would cement him as one of my favorite characters, since I already liked him before. I'd probably start getting tired of him if he stays around for too long, and I don't want that.

  • I think the best we can hope for is for Kenny's survival to be determinant. I really don't see him living another full season, unless its in the place of somebody else. I get that its the walking dead, and everyone dies, but that's what makes it special to me when characters actually survive. But there are too many emotions to manipulate for telltale to pass up killing him, I think...

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    Kenny is a tough guy, both physically and mentally.
    Kenny is the kinda guy who takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

    To recap, Kenny has survived being shot with a rifle at close range, the death of his family, Crawford, being trapped in an alleyway full of walkers, and months on his own, until finding Sarita.
    If all that couldn't kill Kenny, then I strongly doubt that some shitbird like Carver will be able to do Kenny in.

    To quote Kenny: " You don't just end it, cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about."
    And he's proven those words to be true.
    When Ben fell and became severely injured and subsequently defenseless, Kenny put his malice aside and tried to help him, and when he was unable, he at least put the kid out of his misery.
    Kenny further proved that when Carver took the others hostage, Kenny tried to save them, by trying to pick Carver and his thugs off sniper style.
    Kenny's not only proven himself to be a survivor, but also, and most importantly, a good man.

  • I just love whenever that quote is used in a sentence here hahaha

  • IF he dies, i hope it's most badaas death ever!

  • Of course, it's possible for him to die at basically anytime, but I'd say that the characters who've got a good chance of making it to the next Season at least are Clem, Kenny, and possibly Luke. If he does die this Season, which for some reason I don't think will happen, then it will be in E4 or 5, but I think that at least he'll live until S3.

  • I'd hate for him to have a determinant death like Nick or Alvin, if they're going to kill him then he deserves a big death scene. Perhaps the scene itself could be determinant, but not an actual determinant death.

  • Sorry guys and girls, please enlighten me if something is 'determinant' what exactly does it mean?

  • You think you're the reason Kenny's diferent!
    Like you had this coming or something?

  • It means that something happens based on Clem's choices. For example, Alvin is a determinant character as he can be killed depending on what Clem does.

  • Perhaps Kenny will die. But his hobo-werewolf facial hair will live on forever unless someone shoots it with a silver bullet.

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