• I'm really split down the middle about this. On one hand, Kenny's constant survival sort of flies in the face of Robert Kirkman's macho "anyone can die any time" dictum (which has long been proven to be bullshit, honestly). But on the other, I simply haven't grown to like any of the new arrivals in the same way as S1's cast.

    The problem lies with Telltale's characterization. When we met Kenny and his family at the beginning of the apocalypse, there was never any impression they were harbouring dark secrets. The same can't be said about Luke's group, who treat Clem like a leper before stuffing her into a shed to fend herself from another zombie attack.While we've been given a chance to get to know these new people better in episode 2, it's clear they're still keeping some skeletons hidden away in their closets. With Kenny, all the cards were on the table (so to speak) from the very start.

    If Kenny absolutely has to die this season, it should be something twice as heroic and memorable as his supposed "deaths" in season 1. But honestly, I'd rather see him become determinant in episode 4 or 5, lasting all the way through to the end depending on whether the player is a Kenny fan, or a Kenny hater.

    • All of my this. So much this.

    • Yes. This. Yes.

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      I agree with you Robert Morgan.
      I to want Kenny to survive to the end,( not just to the end of this season), but also to survive to the end of the series.
      I love Kenny's character!
      When everything else in the game was going to shit, Kenny was one of the few good guys left.
      When I played the first game,( for the very first time), I played according to how my conscious dictated.
      And surprisingly, I ended up agreeing with him most of the time,( including the Larry situation).

      I will say one thing for TT, they know how to make a videogame!
      Especially when it came to getting the player to think realistically, in a fantasy world.

  • Even if he does he will always get...lucky really lucky lol

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      Kenny/Lee BANNED

      I have a feeling that, just like Rick on the tv show, he'll survive no matter what.
      In fact, in many ways, Kenny's story, and Rick's story, are very similar.

      1, Kenny has been shot at close range with a rifle and survived.

      On the pilot episode of the tv show, Rick is shot at close range and also survived.

      2, Kenny has a wife, and a son who looks to be around 10 yrs old.

      Even though Kenny's exact age has not been stated as of yet, he looks,( to me anyway), to be around 45 yrs old.

      Rick also has a wife and a son who, at the beginning of the show, looks to be around 10 yrs old as well.
      Rick's exact age, has also not been definitely stated, at least not yet, but he looks to be in his late 30's at the start of the show, and now appears to be in his early 40's.

      3, Kenny and Lilly argue about the way things should be run.

      Kenny, who is a man of principle, believes they're is still hope, and believes in helping others, which he proves when he helps bring Ben and his injured classmate back to the motel.
      Lilly on the other hand, is more focused on immediate survival, and views helping others as a threat, basically survival of the fittest.

      Rick, is also a man of principle, who not only will do what is needed to protect his family and the group, but also who will not turn away someone in need.
      Shane, is all about survival, willing to murder another in cold blood, like he did to Otis, in order to preserve himself alive.
      They also disagreed with how things should be done, right from the getgo, just like Kenny and Lilly.

      4, Kenny loses his wife and child, and goes into a natural state of grief and depression, which still seems to be lingering to an extent.

      Rick loses his wife, and goes into a state of grief, and for a while insanity.
      And in the 4th season, his state of grief still seems to linger somewhat.

      5, At the beginning of the 1st game, Kenny is seen having a thick biker mustache, a look he maintains throughout the 1st game.

      When he is seen again in the second game, he now has a full beard.

      Rick, in the 1st-2nd season of the tv show, is seen wearing stubble.
      By the 4th season, he is also seen wearing a beard.

      6, Despite suffering traumatic loss, Kenny has obviously been damaged, but not broken, as he still is seen pushing on, and is still seen trying to help others.

      Rick, also has managed to keep pushing on, despite his loss, not letting it destroy him.
      Rick also has continued to try and help others, to the best of his ability.

      Based on the similarities covered, Kenny seems to be a game version of Rick's character on the tv show.
      At least to me.
      I'm not saying I know that to be the case!
      These are just simple similarities I've noticed.
      That's all!

  • I hope he dosent die but the only way i wauld be ok with his death is that at the very end of episode 5 he gives his life to save Clem.

  • I think the best we can hope for is for Kenny's survival to be determinant. I really don't see him living another full season, unless its in the place of somebody else. I get that its the walking dead, and everyone dies, but that's what makes it special to me when characters actually survive. But there are too many emotions to manipulate for telltale to pass up killing him, I think...

    • I'd hate for him to have a determinant death like Nick or Alvin, if they're going to kill him then he deserves a big death scene. Perhaps the scene itself could be determinant, but not an actual determinant death.

      • I would be okay with it if it was near the end and either Luke or Kenny went out in a huge way. Depends how they handle the story branching. I don't think they'll both make it, and I'd like some influence over who survives in the end.

        • Eh... I still wouldn't be a fan of either of them being determinant characters, but if it were done perfectly, then it may be alright I suppose.

          Though, I still don't believe that Kenny will die in S2.

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    Kenny/Lee BANNED

    Kenny is a tough guy, both physically and mentally.
    Kenny is the kinda guy who takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!

    To recap, Kenny has survived being shot with a rifle at close range, the death of his family, Crawford, being trapped in an alleyway full of walkers, and months on his own, until finding Sarita.
    If all that couldn't kill Kenny, then I strongly doubt that some shitbird like Carver will be able to do Kenny in.

    To quote Kenny: " You don't just end it, cause it's hard. You stick it out, and you help the folks you care about."
    And he's proven those words to be true.
    When Ben fell and became severely injured and subsequently defenseless, Kenny put his malice aside and tried to help him, and when he was unable, he at least put the kid out of his misery.
    Kenny further proved that when Carver took the others hostage, Kenny tried to save them, by trying to pick Carver and his thugs off sniper style.
    Kenny's not only proven himself to be a survivor, but also, and most importantly, a good man.

    • Best comment on this forum. Hell yeah! Kenny for Season 3, I wanna see Kenny survive!

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        Kenny/Lee BANNED

        Thank you.
        Tell me, what do see happening to Kenny in the 3rd season?
        For example, what role he'll play in the group, his relationships with Clementine and Luke. And how his personality will change in the 3rd season?
        Leave me your comment, tell me what you think.
        Afterward, I'll give you my theories.

        • Kenny will be the main guy in Season 3 in my opinion and Luke will be his right hand man, and Clementine following behind. I say if he doesn't get it this season, before his death I'd really like to see Kenny get his boat. After all, he's worked and survived so hard for it. He deserved it.

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            Kenny/Lee BANNED

            I agree with the idea of Kenny being the leader of the group in season 3, as he is a guy who likes to take charge.
            As well a Luke becoming his right hand man.
            I see Clementine viewing Luke as a big brother, and Kenny as a father,( like she viewed Lee in season 1).

            Instead of going after another boat, I see the group making it to Michigan, on foot, by the middle of the 3rd season, spending 3 to 6 months on the road.
            During that time, the black woman's baby is born,( Sorry I can't 'remember her name).
            And Nick has become very capable, and next to Kenny, is the groups best marksman.

            I see them reaching Wellington, but to their horror, finding out that it's not what they hoped it would be.
            Instead of being a place where they can settle, the place turns out to be a death trap, and the group is forced to run, and then later fort up in an old police station to protect themselves from the people inside it.
            The police station turns out to still be heavily armed, but supplies are low.

            Kenny and Clementine often go out on supply runs, Luke keeps the others focused on improving fortifications around the station, and Nick trains the others in handling firearms.

            If their appearances change between the 2nd and 3rd season, I see Kenny's hair and beard being longer they are now.
            Luke having a goatee and his hair in a ponytail.
            And Clementine having hers more like it was in the 1st game, and having grown a few inches taller.

            And on a personal note, I'd really like to see Kenny become less confrontational.
            I love Kenny, but he can be tough to like sometimes, specifically meaning his quick temper.
            Hopefully, his character will become more reasonable.

  • IF he dies, i hope it's most badaas death ever!

  • Of course, it's possible for him to die at basically anytime, but I'd say that the characters who've got a good chance of making it to the next Season at least are Clem, Kenny, and possibly Luke. If he does die this Season, which for some reason I don't think will happen, then it will be in E4 or 5, but I think that at least he'll live until S3.

  • Sorry guys and girls, please enlighten me if something is 'determinant' what exactly does it mean?

  • Perhaps Kenny will die. But his hobo-werewolf facial hair will live on forever unless someone shoots it with a silver bullet.

  • I think kenny will die but he will die as a legend from saving someone.

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