Worth playing?

I've never played a Borderlands game. I'm aware there aren't too many details released yet, but does anyone think someone who's never played the original games will get as much enjoyment as someone who has? Telltales' track record has me optimistic.


  • i think telltale game is amazing and i advice you to play the game!!!!!

  • The main focus is on new characters, so I imagine that playing the other Borderlands won't be vital to the story.

  • Don't know, but we will get some gameplay later, this is from Telltale and maybe I buy it if Episode 5 comes out?

  • I got the opposite question: I'm not a FPS fan, but I'm intrigued by the Telltale Games stories and their Borderland idea.

    Do you think I should force myself to play Borderlands 2 before Tales?

  • I played both Borderlands games with my brother. They make a lot of fun together. Now im playing Borderlands 2 alone on the PC. Together it would be more fun, but its not that bad alone. You should play Borderlands 2 atleast once. :)

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    I played Borderlands 2 a little while before Poker Night 2 to aquatint myself with the Borderlands humor. I'd say the game is pretty fun, even if the universe's style of humor is a little odd for Telltale to choose to tackle.

    The SXSW panel mentioned the game takes place after Borderlands 2, but if Telltale's newer titles are any indication, I wouldn't think that being new to the series is any problem.

  • Telltale games are ever best telling story .so this game is going to be amazing.so i advice you to play this game

  • Ordinarily i would say no. But since this is TT, i would just say, go for it. I think that TT can expand on this world in a good way. You are however missing out on a great co op experience.

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    Try it, if you are on console you can play it in splitscreen mode. Otherwise its a online 4 player game.

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    Ok, thanks... I think that I'll pass for now...
    Maybe I'll play it between episodes if I like the humor... :D

  • I'm on PC. The bad thing about that is I have to buy the entire season on Steam rather than just one episode to dip my toes in the water. I'm optimistic that TT will release another great series, but I'm just worried about feeling lost in the BL universe.

  • Are you new to the Borderlands universe? Its not much to get lost in since the two games never goes too deep storywise. It is all about the leveling and the looting, but there is however great potential there and this is where TT will shine as usual. TT could not have chosen a better game to expand upon.

  • I was thinking that too. I don't know the story, but i want to play!!

  • i'll only play it if they have their schedule shit fixed. But if it were to come out now, today - I wouldn't touch it with a 20ft pole.

  • The Borderlands Games are amazing and are worth playing, but if TFB is anything like TWD and TWAU I will absolutely buy it, Game of Thrones too.

  • PS+ subscribr so I was able to download it for free. Pretty fun.

  • mine cannot be played because there is written : sorry but it looks like you don't own the full version of jurassic park

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