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Re-purchasing season 1 on another iOS device ?

posted by noice on - Viewed by 1K users

So I first played the game a bit less than a year ago on my iphone 4s (iOS 7), purchased all episodes and honestly don't recall if I bought them as a multipack or each episode seperately. Anyway, after finishing it, I decided to delete the game to make some space, knowing full well that once I buy something from the app store, the purchase stays on record so I can get it back anytime I needed it.

Since season 2 got released, I decided to download season 1 to play through again only this time on my ipad 2 (running iOS7). But now I'm facing the same problem many people have been having with restoring their purchases: the episodes page shows as if I hadn't ever bought the episodes in the first place and tapping on restore doesn't do much after signing in to my itunes/app store account. I read through people's complaints on the forum and finally decided to go through the purchase of each episode seperately starting with episode 2 thinking perhaps it's just a bug and won't really charge me. Once I'm asked to confirm the purchase, I tap OK and the download immediately starts. No pop-ups suggesting I might have already purchased the episode. Just straight to the download. After a couple of minutes, I get a phone notification from my bank telling me I got charged 1$ from iTunes store. Pretty strange since the episodes themselves cost 5$ each.

Still, I got charged. So could anyone clarify what that was ? And if I were to download and play the game on another iOS device, would I have to purchase the app all over again ?

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

    If you are attempting to play the application on another iOS device, and you have already purchased it, you should be able to download it on another device as long as you are using the same account. Please view this FAQ on our iOS community support forum to learn suggestions on how to restore your previously purchased episodes on your iOS device here:

    Apologies for any inconvenience you have experienced.

  • Update: So I downloaded the episodes a second time thinking there was no way I'd be charged for something I basically own. The payment did eventually come through, mysteriously, after 2 days. 20$ for something I'd already paid for a year ago :) how nice.

    This is kinda outrageous if you ask me. It's the same as going to the store, buying a game and being asked to pay for it again a year later. What are the steps I have to take for a refund ?

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      I apologize for the inconvenience. If you purchased the game as a Multi-Pack, you would need to proceed through the purchase path for the Multi-Pack again. If you originally purchased the Episodes individually, you should not have been charged a second time. If you were charged again, please contact Apple Support for further assistance regarding inquiries about refunds, or refund requests.

  • This is kinda bullshit telltale, your ripping everyone off, I wasn't even able to finish this game before I had to re download it, there is no way I'm paying another $20 for this again.

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      TelltaleMike Telltale Staff

      As long as you are logged into the same account that you purchased the game with, you should be able to proceed through the purchase path, and when it alerts you to purchase it again, you should be able to hit the 'Buy' button, and it will alert you that you have already purchased this item, and allow you to download it again for no extra charge. I apologize for any difficulties this causes you.

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