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Sequel to emotional moments in gaming MAJOR SPOILERS?

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Before I start just want to thank all users who commented and thumbed on my last thread really appreciated it so for you all I’ll finish off few I promised really thanks for the support

Kenny and Ben death scene

Basically in this scene after Lee searches for Clem with help of group try to cross building Ben slips and Kenny dies trying to save him.

I was crossing the plank as lee struggled to fight the virus even playing on Vita I could physically feel like lee about to faint and could feel how close he was to turning. All across except Ben his last. I see the plank was about to fall then I just thought to myself every time I trust you or give you a job you fail me Ben please just do something right I saved your life. Of course see Ben fall and he lands on pole my first reaction was anger then saw the scene with Kenny. A pole straight through his stomach I was devastated I knew deep down he was nice kid and really wanted him to finally make a positive contribution after I saved him. The pole was straight through his stomach it was game over then zombies appeared I still wanted to help even if it kills me. Kenny next thing pushes me out gate I just shouted “WTF KENNY” and he locked the gate. Then Kenny says “SOMETHING I MUST DO GO SAVE CLEMENTINE”. Realization hit home Kenny was willing to risk his life for someone who ruined his. I felt powerless as a tear came to my eye all the trouble we had together instantly forgotten this day learned what a true hero was call me a fan boy but since that day always be hero to me.

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Toad and toad Jr investigation scene

Basically scene where Bigby has to investigate guy called Lawrence but gets call close friend(toad) in trouble he investigates close friend lies about the break in leading you to attack him then daughter(toad jr voiced by Melissa) walks in and sees you.

I felt starting make progress on the recent murders heading to Lawrence house then phone rang could hear screaming toads in trouble his poor kids are in danger so chose to go to his first.
Walk into his apartment everything's smashed and lots of blood also clearly distressed. After investigating each clue I find and ask him about them he offers a stupid exclamation like his mocking me I’m starting to get pissed. Till gets to the point was just plain obvious someone broke in and still continued to lie and offer stupid excuses. I was angry felt with all these deaths need find answers not playing this stupid game anymore so started punching him out of rage. Then the moment happened I turned around his daughter was watching me beat up her father. Suddenly realised what have I become whose real monster seeing this little girl at the door scared watching me beat up her father killed me inside. Found out he just lied because intruder told him hurt his family if said anything so many feels.

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Joel daughter death scene

The zombie apocalypse has started Joel with his daughter they try to escape finally see help it's US Soldier who ends up shooting his daughter (12 year old Sarah)

First time played TLOU. Start off as Joel’s daughter just after Joel’s birthday. Sarah wakes up I find a card in the room for her father birthday she wrote it said know don't see me much but your best father ever and love you really connected with her. Then I walk downstairs look at the news a Zombie apocalypse has started look to my left out the window can see massive explosions in the town. Pitch dark outside went into the kitchen actually feel scared suddenly Joel comes in then zombies smash window in Joel shoots them everything's happening so fast. They escape in the car while seeing all deaths and destruction caused along the way so disturbing car crashes all zombies attack. Joel grabs Sarah in his arms and runs feel tension raising as they run explosions everywhere also zombies everywhere like having a nightmare whole scene was disturbing finally find a gate were free see free run to the bridge and safety Joel and Sarah's going be ok so happy felt like another Clem story again. See a soldier finally I shout “HELP MY DAUGHTERS IN TROUBLE SAVE HER!!! Soldier flashes his gun at me “DONT MOVE!!! WTF his a soldier his job is to protect the innocent and defenceless why is he acting so strange. Then shoots everything seems to be moving in slow motion this not happening this impossible NO!!! then solider comes over to finish me off lucky brother appears gets him with a headshot. I run over to my daughter shot right in stomach she screams in pain and cries in agony I’m holding back tears WHAT HAVE THEY DONE THEY MENT TO PROTECT HER!!!. As she took her last breath felt faint then anger filled my head I WILL KILL EVERY LAST SOLDIER FOR THIS!!. For now on in this game morals didn't play part I’ll kill every last one of them. Perfect writing.

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Last of Us Ending

After meeting the Fireflies (group joel was tasked to deliver Ellie to) they tell Joel to get the cure must remove Ellies brain Joel storms the hospital murders everyone and saves Ellie and escapes

In sewers with Ellie we were nearly at the fireflies then we both get sucked under the water “OH NO Ellie can't swim” I see her lifeless body I swim up and save her "THANK GOD" but she's not breathing. Suddenly I was feeling anxious and stressed I started to try pump her chest try get her heart moving again and get her breathing through her mouth to revive her it's not working SH** it was really upsetting me. Then fireflies appear “DON'T MOVE”. “WAIT LET ME SAVE HER PLEASE I NEED TO SAVE ELLIE!! I Shouted to the screen then bang to back of my head they knocked me out Ellie still wasn't breathing!!! I wake up stressed in a room fireflies they calm me down and tell me Ellies ok. I was so happy and took a deep breath. The group leader says she in hospital right now she has the cure in her brain. "YES WE HAVE THE CURE" I said to myself finally after Sarah I finally connected with someone and fought like hell to survive almost impossible situations all the experiences and people we lost we still had each other I will have my happy ending with my little girl only reason I lived was to help Ellie. Suddenly her statement processed in my head "WTF THAT WILL KILL ELLIE!!!. The leader confirms this. Next five minutes started screaming at screen tears in my eyes. DON'T YOU EVEN FU***** TOUCH HER THAT'S ELLIE MY LITTLE GIRL, ONLY THING I GOT THE ONLY REASON TO LIVE, THE ONLY LIGHT IN THIS EVIL WORLD THEY KILLED MY SARAH NOT LETTING THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!.

I stormed the hospital with pure rage and brutally killed everyone innocent or not then killed all the doctors without even flinching. I escaped hospital with Ellie knew what I just done damned human race but my Ellie was more important to me then the world after Sarah felt the world didn't deserve the cure anyway.
At the end walking through the forest Ellie she turned to me and told me about her friend who died how she wanted to die to find peace and would gladly do it if she was the cure. I lied and said fireflies said there was no cure and she asked me to promise and I did. I was so upset she wanted to die then suddenly I realized I was selfish to save her and damn human race. I looked at her face again into her eyes and got my answer I would do it every time.

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Arkham City Joker

Beat final boss pretending to be Joker(clayface) See real joker was dying of serious disease which gave me at start but I had antidote in glass test tube going give it to joker to save his life but he smashed it and died.

After defeating final boss just me and the dying Joker he asks for antidote and explains all evil his caused but says batman will still gave him the antidote. Batman realises and says knows he will just brake out again and do more evil and debates what to do. Joker jumps up he stabs batman and he drops test-tube and it smashes. I'm confused what but then how will I save joker. Batman says “you Know kind of funny I would of saved you” joker replies “you know that is kind of funny” just laughs and laughs and laughs laying on the ground till he dies even till his dying breath no f**** were given so heartbroken. Batman carry’s joker body out at night in lashing rain was last ever see of Joker I was devasted when credits rolled.

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Red Dead Redemption Ending

After being granted amnesty by government after killed all his former gang members as a requirement finally aloud see his family again then government do a surprise attack on his family’s farm and kill him

After finally killing all my former gang members working for government who took my family finally did it granted amnesty back with my wife and child on the farm really connecting with them again while doing small jobs around the farm very happy achieved all my goals and got perfect ending seeing John with his family. Then WTF government attacked on the farm I get my family to safety and hid in barn while taking out lots of them with my guns. Hiding in the shed hear lots of them outside “they took my family made me kill my friends and do their dirty work know try kill me so angry and upset”. Took peak outside the barn probably dozens of them think to myself I'm Rambo bring it on swing doors open. Genius part here actually let you shoot couple of shots YESS headshot then looked around wait how the hell to many oh no getting get game over but No BANG. I was dead I froze with shock again everything was going in slow motion” ALL DID FOR THEM KILL MY FRIENDS, DO THEIR DIRTY WORK WHILE THEY STOLE MY FAMILY THEN THEY KILL ME!! the pain I felt for John hours I spent working so hard so he can see his family again never had ending like this before tear came to my eye AT LEAST HE DIED A HERO I said to myself then at end see his grave really upsetting.

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Sorry for any bad grammer

Thank you for taking time to read could made it short but for people who never played the game wanted to describe and tell them about the scene and emotions the fully appreciation and understand the moment

Anyone who haven't played games i described please do give them all 10/10 story and gameplay

If like do next one but be my final one

  • Beyond two souls war lies and death of mother
  • Last of Us Ellie runs away(joel and ellie discussion)
  • Last Of Us Ellie The girl who broke your f****** finger
  • The Darkness Girlfriend death
  • Bioshock Infinite Ending
  • Kenny Return S2
  • Heavy Rain Death of son
  • And more



Anyway your top five or what thing of the moments free thumbs for all comments

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