Walking Dead Haikus (Potential Spoilers!)

A haiku is a poem consisting of 3 non-rhyming lines. The first line has to have 5 syllables, the second line has to have 7 syllables, and the last line has to have 5 syllables.

The point of this thread is to make up a haiku that describes a character/situation/event/whatever in the Walking Dead. They can be humorous or serious or a little bit of both. But choose your words wisely. You have exactly 17 syllables to capture the essence of your subject. Here are mine for the characters of Lee, Clementine, and Kenny.


He's a righteous guy

But if you touch Clementine

He. Will. End. Your. Life.


Just a little girl

Staying alive among death

Trying to, at least


Mustachioed pal

"Oh you disagree with me?

Well fuck right off then"



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    The ending.

    Lie down. Start crying.

    Crying is now your whole life.

    Cry, cry, cry, cry, cry.

  • The cast is perfect

    The story is stronger yet

    I bet, Walking Dead

  • Haiku is 575 correct? Lol

  • Why didn't I read the OP?

    Bed time.

  • This damn downvote troll

    Picked the wrong thread to fuck with

    [summons upvote bots]

  • Larry

    Charm from his ass

    Oh wait, it's a heart attack

    Quick, get the saltlick

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    I said "I don't know"

    I can't believe he bought it!

    I did lick the salt!

  • Carley

    Ha, that sure showed her!

    Stupid Lilly, thinks she's boss

    Wait, what's that in her -

  • Carley

    An action figure

    Batteries not included

    Why discard her though?

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    The Meat Locker Scene

    Kenny's got talent,

    The talent to make saltlick,

    Meet ol' ass-charm's head.

  • Saltlick ? Thanks for the reference :P Nice thread.

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    If it's any consolation, I thought about you the whole time I wrote this haha :)

  • Hope Dies

    Oh shit. Grab the gun.

    Steady. You got this, Omid.

    Wait, was that the door?

  • Aaaaaand now I'm depressed :(

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    Camping Fun Time

    Over some old beans,

    I slit a wounded dog throat.

    Wish it was Lilly's.

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    I can take this kid

    ....Are you fucking kidding me?!

    Aaaaand now I'm a corpse

    Stitching Up Her Arm

    Oh God my arm hurts

    I'll stitch it up like a boss

    But first a juice break

    Clem vs Zombie in the Shed

    It's hammer time, bitch!

    Oh now they want to show up

    I'm. Still. NOT. Bitten.

  • Lee in the alleyway

    So many walkers

    Glass and cleaver in my hands

    I'm coming, sweat pea

  • Shooting in the resort

    Kenny said it won't be great

    Bean's on the way out

  • Ben

    Maybe this will help

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Oh right. Everything.


    Step back, Ben, you dolt

    My dad was special forces

    So I'm special t--AHHHH!

  • Sam

    Aww what a cute dog

    I wonder if he likes beans

    I guess he does. Ow.

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    He had a hot Stache!

    The Stache evolved long time ago.

    Now it's a hot beard.

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    I'm bringing this thread back because of reasons.

    This jacket is warm
    But I look like a Care Bear
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    By feeding the trolls
    You give mods more work to do
    Make haikus instead.
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    Don't give Nick a gun

    He knows where the river is

    But not the safety


    Try writing Haiku

    To alleviate boredom

    Until 'In Harm's Way'
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    (All Alone, Clementine on the outskirts of Savannah)

    Lee's gone, I'm alone

    I escaped, but he did not

    I'm truly alone.
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    Lee deserved better

    Left him amid the ruins

    Of my innocence
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    A more serious haiku about Season 2 Clem's mindset:

    Their deaths were my fault
    I was careless and naive
    I need to grow up
    And Christa's mindset:

    I know I'm not Lee
    I can't shelter you like him
    But you'll live...I hope
  • A little burdened soul
    Clings to the torn photograph
    Wants to burn it, can't
  • Christa

    A strong, stoic face
    But beneath her cold facade
    Lies a broken heart


    An old vagabond
    Strumming songs on his guitar
    For those still alive
  • Great now I'm depressed
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    She wanted a hat.
    She ends up shooting Omid.
    Christa did justice.
  • Nice. But the middle line has 8 syllables.
  • Hmm. I think you need the "up" there. I would have gone with either "She ends up shooting Omid" or "Ended up shooting Omid."
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    Lee gets bitten

    Oh shit I got bit
    There is a saw over there
    (?) This is gonna hurt
  • A zombie attack!

    It tries to bite your face off

    Press X to not die


    The prisoners (4-6-4)

    Angry captives

    "Fuck you, muthafucka"

    Strangling time
  • What's wrong with you guys

    Don't allow this to perish

    Write Haiku, damn you!
  • Even if buried

    This thread will always come back

    Whenever I'm bored
  • Achievement Haikus!

    Fresh Fish, new waters
    She needs to learn how to swim
    And avoid the sharks

    Well that was brutal
    Clem saw a man get murdered
    Fell a Long Way Down

    It's been One Long Day
    But at least she's through it, right?
    ...until tomorrow

    Is it possible?
    For Clem not to be beaten?
    Not in Nottingham

    Come Hither my friends
    Help me escape the compound
    Even if you're dead

    She gave what she got
    Now Rehabilitated
    But what's next for her?

    Hey there Clementine
    Thought you were out of harm's way?
    Nope. Eye of the Storm.
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