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WTF Lizzie!

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I donkt know if there was a theard like this but...ep14 of se4 really gets me. In my opinion one of the sadest episode of season 4. I felt somehow really pity for lizzie. What do you think

  • yea i was sad both girls were put down :(. Lizzie was screwed up with Hershel Green syndrome. The deer represented Mika's innocence

  • I was like wtf too, but it was a great episode, hasn't been any for a while so hopefully it's going back to being good.

  • Saw it coming from a mile away pulled straight from the comic except for who put them down

    • ^ this right here it was completely predictable for us comic readers still would have liked carl to kill lizzie but I guess they had to make it a bit different

      • Same here but I like carol doing it to. Her character has come a long way

      • I think the way they did it was perfect. We already saw Carl kill a kid and Carol had a relationship with the girls that made it more meaningful.

      • I disagree about the predictability - a lot of people were questioning whether Lizzie killed Tyreese's lover in the prison. Granted they lifted Lizzie killing Mica from the comics, but there still the question of whether or not she would let herself get bit, let Mica get bit, or just be exposed as the prison killer. Because I read the comics I don't think I was as surprise (then again, I've been getting more and more apathetic as season 4 goes along... This last episode was pretty good, so hopefully it will be an upturn from here on.)

        Of course, it's also possible I'm just dense...

  • Fuck Lizzie. She got what was coming! I wish the zombie trapped in the railroad had bitten her so she would turn and Carol would kill her and Mica, who was smart, would still be alive.

  • Lizzie deserved to die. She was totally sick. She wanted to kill baby Judith. And she did kill her little sister! WTF?!

    R.I.P. Mika :(

  • Idk if anybody has read the book but it reminded me of, Of Mice and Men.

  • meh, Kirkman and the show make a great job at making me NOT develop any emotions towards any of the characters. I still like Rick, Michonne, Carol and Daryl but i wouldn't feel much if they died. Now Telltale's characters are on another level, i punched my desk when nick killed matthew and caver killed walter. god dammit walter was such a great character in the 20 minutes we knew him for :(

    • I just dont understand that at all. After four seasons, how can you not feel anything for the characters? I get that because this is a video game and a more interactive experience, it can pull you in more faster but to watch a show for so long if you dont care about the characters, I just dont get it.

      • Well i care about the ones i mentioned above just not as much as the game's characters. I forgot about Morgan, i think i would definitely feel a bit sad if he died even if he didn't appear much in the show, at least it's confirmed he'll show up in the last episode of this season.

  • Im a comic reader so I was expecting it. SOmething very similar happens in the comic. I think this season, theyve been doing a really great job of incorporating comic book elements and making them feel seemless. I did feel sorry for Lizzie too because she is obviously in need of help and was in no position to get it, but they obviously couldnt go on with her and keep Judith safe. Poor Mika, she was a sweet little girl.

    • I liked Mika. She was actually one of my favorite child characters, next to Carl and Sophia. Damn... I was actually telling my dad about parts of the comic while we were watching that episode, and I had just said, "Ben was mentally sick. He killed his twin brother just to see him come back.", when I heard Lizzie say, "Don't worry. I didn't hurt her brain, so she'll come back." with a big smile on her face, and my dad and I looked at each other, and my grandma gasped and goes, "She KILLED her sister?! With a knife? She didn't hurt the baby, did she?" She also thought Carol and Tyreese were a couple, and that Mika, Lizzie, and Judith were their kids (that was the only episode she'd ever seen).

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