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Any reaction about TWD TV Series S04E14?

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I think it was sooo crazy, especially what happened to Lizzie.

  • It was a scene from the comics however the TV show did it a lot better. In the comic the two charcaters are so underdeveloped.

  • I knew it'd be a good one with Gimple writing. Knowing that in this world there is simply no help anymore for Lizzie made it so much worse seeing her crying before her death, and that was made worse by the fact that she didn't even know what she did wrong. There was really no other choice.

  • Crazy about what happened to Lizzie? I was more worried about Mika :(. And she almost got Judith but thank god she didn't. I guess Carol's right, you can't survive if you don't have a mean bone in your body. I hope they brought Griselda Gunderson for Judith to play with for the memories :D.

  • Well, not at all surprising to me. Anyone who read the ocmics probably saw it coming because Lizzie and Mika were basically alternate versions of Ben and Billy, and almost the same exact thing happened with them. The main difference being that Lizzie and Mika actually had some development, and there was a reason behind it happening. Ben and Billy were largely ignored since being introduced into the series, and Ben killed Billy for basically no reason except he was bored. So this episode was actually a great example of the TV Show doing the same storylines better than the comics.

  • The episode was kind of fucked up. In a good way. I saw it coming for awhile, since Lizzie and Mika were basically Ben and Billy, but it was still pretty shocking when it actually showed up on screen. I liked it much better than I liked the similar storyline in the comics. This episode also made both Tyreese and Carol much cooler characters in my eyes. And instead of Beth and Daryl burning down that crap shack in "Still", I would have burned down the house in this Episode if I were Carol or Tyreese. Some really fucked up things happened there.

  • I wasn't shocked at all it was pulled straight from the comic only difference was who put them down :P

  • "Don´t worry, I didn´t hurt the brain!"

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  • They improved Carol so much in the show it almost makes up for what they did with Andrea

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